Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Well I was at Target today and I was hoping to get a couple things I needed like bath stuff for Lucas and Rob and I stumbled on some running accessories I liked- I really wanted a pair of gloves with the tech tips to use with my iPhone, but they were out of small.  So I went on-line to see if I could get myself a pair- because they are cheaper than others I seen.

WELL I stumbled onto labworks- I'm not sure what this brand is about, but I loved this dress-

 I also dig this model- she is beautiful with all her curves and all!!!  I must say I sometimes miss my bigger butt........I know I wasn't my healthiest, but I still fine woman with curves just as appealing if not more than skin and bones.  Anyhow- they even have the dress in smaller sizes as well and it's only like $38!!  The back has a cool faux leather panel that is so modern- I want this dress!!
Then I seen this dress- which is beautiful on her as well- this dress on me wouldn't be so nice as I'm too short for this :(
This on a short girl with a little bit of a chest just doesn't appeal to me!!

I recently seen a picture of me when I was heavier.  It's hard to believe I was that heavy when I look at the picture.  I was unhappy about it, but it was the least of my problems.  I'm so happy I've gotten down in my weight, but I'm even happier that I didn't let my weight hold me down from loving fashion and attempting to wear the best looks for whatever size I was.  I guess that's growing up.  As a woman I thought I'd never be happy with my body completely, but finally I am and my body now is not what most would consider beautiful......someday they too will get it.  I'm sad to say I was that way too - I remember not even being able to look at woman who had been through the procedures I had- I just couldn't even look at them.  Now I could cry for being so ignorant.  When you end up with something so traumatic happening to your body sometimes someone just looking at you means the world to you.  We don't need approval we just need to not be invisible and to be loved.  That goes for everyone in every shape, form, and size.  Being over weight and being invisible to people is I think just has hard to take as not having one breast.  I never want to be that way- I want to see everyone for the beautiful soul they are.

Gee I meant to just post on this cute dress, but I just got to thinking...........I do that sometimes- THINK.

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