Friday, November 30, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!

Well besides signing myself up for Pilates and Spinning tomorrow- I will be very tempted to hit Target!

You may have seen the FUN commercial

What's it all about - well Neiman Marcus and Target Collaborating- YUMMY!

You can get some tips HERE
Big cities like Boston and NY will expect some serious hustle and bustle so as you can read in the article they have suggestions so that you can maybe get your hands on something really special for a nice price.  The  collection will also be available on Neiman Marcus on-line and in their store!  Our Target shouldn't be bad so it's worth a shot- it's great to know that EVERY Target will carry the collection.

The article also links you to the lookbook~ maybe you'll see something~ maybe you won't.  Just knowing these designers will be available to us is exciting to me.  I may just like the excitement more than the actual items.....except I did spy an Oscar de la Renta purse- COME ON!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Craft Ideas and back to the grind........


Aw- Miss Mustard Seed- had these on her site.  She's a PA girl and her site is great.

Last nights dinner- yummy!

So I've been totally slacking with working out- at least I haven't been just sitting around - I really have been trying to get our home organized and ready for the holiday. 
 But now it's back to my usual attire- workout clothes.  I'm lucky I can wear my workout clothes to work.  Since losing some weight I really enjoy wearing clothes clothes!!!  It's just not as efficient to do that.
So this morning I did try to spice it us a little 
I threw an infinity scarf on.  I do love this scarf and I have a couple.  I like them because they are super light which is good for me because of getting hot and cold.  I found these at Rue21 for like 7 or 8 bucks.  They are perfect when you want a scarf to throw on before you head to the gym and OK for after when you may be heated up.

I think I've organized everything I wanted except under the sink so now I'm on to "Special Forces" and getting ready to do a couple of crafts.

Special Forces: These are organizing/purging areas of my life that call for grit and determination and special forces to know what to keep and what to purge.  This battle will also take time.

Now craft ideas I LOVE-
I linked to as much as possible- just click the picture.

 I seen these- and they are heavenly to me. 
I absolutely love birds still!  
I would love to do these.

and she had this awesome post:

Check these out:
all with a Sharpie!

 and more crafts.....
Strawberry Leather

Pillow/Linen Spray

 I have a neck project I'm working on....this one is very nice and looks fairly simple- 
but you can also just purchase it on Esty
or how about these

 These are awesome- Xmas light magnets

This website had some cool- a lot of ModPodge

 Then on Miss Mustard Seed I feel in love with these- personalized snowman families made by Michelle (A Pinch of Prim).  You can click on the picture to go to her store.  You may think they are pricey- but it is just such a special idea.  Something you can always have to remember when you had your little family.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isn't he cute?
This years Christmas decorating is going to be all about kid stuff and I've pulled out all my musical animals and snowmen......everything that plays will be out this year and I'm hoping to have my nephews and niece over one night for something fun!!!!  Tonight I tried playing them all at once- it's childish but it's so darn fun!

I was also able to get some organizing done- this area has now turned into a holding area of items needing fixing or repair..
 Linen Closet Done- Thank goodness- it was driving us nutz~

Also made dinner - thanks to a nice little article I found on quick meals
Read it HERE

I got my little line-up going and it wasn't actually all that bad to make....

 Here's my chicken before it was just looks so good.  Tonight I will use another recipe from on there which used pasta and combine the 2 dishes since we had chicken left over.  The past dish calls for only a couple of ingredients we all usually have on hand.

Gift wrapping area ready for some wrapping

My card writing desk is all ready
just need the cards

We have little guys waiting for batteries

And we have stuff just standing around waiting to get put

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wowza- So MUCH going on!!!!

$16 Christmas Dress

Well I had such a nice vacation away with Rob!  It was nice to get away for Our 4yr Anniversary- I can't believe it's been 4 years- that seemed to go by SO quick!  That's a long time- I've never been married that long. lol.

Getting away is probably the best Anniversary gift ever!

As soon as we got back it was Thanksgiving and I did my first 8k with my girl AMY!!!  I'm so lucky to have a friend like Amy- if it hadn't been for her I would have never done it.  I don't know if I would have even started running like I have been- had she not have posted her running on FB.  The other night when we were out she reminded me that I had run before- (because I constantly tell her I don't like running) I did run before when I was married before.  I was under a lot of stress and I would just go out side and run - fast as I could to try and get some relief.  It was no where near the running I do today- so I'm thinking that could be my reasoning behind always saying I hate running.  I need to turn that around and really think about- I couldn't possibly hate running and run like I do?  NO way - so ya know what I like running- I'm not a super star, but I like running and I honestly think if I couldn't run I would surely miss it. 

I had fun Amy!!

We had a great Thanksgiving with Family and Friends!!  I miss them all now :(

So I'm trying really hard to get a jump on things this Christmas- but first I felt the need to organize my house.  I know this sounds absolutely crazy from a slob.....well I'm not really a slob at

This weekend I began my kitchen cabinets and pantry.  I should have taken before pictures- but I didn't think of it.  Not only did I go through every spice and every expiration date I also made myself an excel spreadsheet so I know what I have!  So many times I buy stuff I already have.  What I really liked going over was the liquor- I like my collection and I can think of a couple things I'd like to add  :)
Rob got a good laugh at all my crazy notes and lists......I feel nutz obsessive compulsive in a bipolar fashion!!!!  Am I the only one who does stuff like that- like I have stuff all over and then one day I will organize like I love it?

Next - like tonight I want to deal with these 2

So another part of Christmas is Lucas' Birthday, Christmas outfits, Christmas cards, and gift wrapping.  SO I set up an area to do just cards and an area to do just wrapping- WOWZA- I'm SO excited!!!  Part of Christmas dressing is knowing what you have and what you need- I had organized a lot of my clothes a couple of months ago so I'm good there- I know have to work more on Lucas' attire.  This weekend I also cleaned my washing machine from another season of seal coating.  I'm thinking of going to the Laundromat with the dog's bed clothes- pet hair is GROSSing me out lately.  Wow was my washer dirty- yuk.

Speaking of dressing- I have my holiday dress and it's from one of my favorites- I don't think I'll even mention the store- see if you can figure it out.

Look at this adorable outfit for my little nephew Sam

and I LOVE this outfit- I already have the sweater

yeah it's Kmart....that dress was only $16- now I just have to accessorize it!  And speaking of accessorizing DON'T forget to stock up on your hose!!!  Especially if you are lucky enough to have little ladies living in your house!!!

As a young wild single girl I did many last minute runs for stockings!!!  I've learned to always have a pair to spare.  Oh and Santa panties can't hurt.