Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well - it's been a while.

Right before Christmas I got the worst flu ever!!!  I also gave it to Lucas and we spent a week together in our house- sick!

I was doing so good organizing my Christmas stuff then I got sick and everything sort of fell apart.  I was so sad to not get my Christmas cards out in time and hadn't decorated the tree.  Thanks to Rob a lot of stuff got done I was just unable to do!  And Thank God for my mama who fed us.

So it's Friday after the Holiday and I'm back on the scale and ready to resume my fitness stuff after a long break.  The only good thing about the flu was that I didn't gain weight!

I'm trying to keep my fluids up as I still don't feel 100%.  I love my new LifeFactory bottle!

I'm gathering a couple of recipes together for a party I have tomorrow night

I'm debating on wearing this to the party?

The New Year is almost here and I'm working on setting some goals for myself!! 

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