Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well I know I wanted the basement room to be beige, gray, ivory, and white, but we also needed an exciting color to accent!!!

I really liked green, orange and yellow. I finally decided that it was only fair to use yellow because I love it so much.

I always love yellow. The other morning I seen this chick and thought she looked cool with her big yellow purse. She looks cool- right? She even has a nice camera! Bet you are wondering how I managed to take this picture- I used my phone and didn't realize how easy it is to take pictures of people. Weird- don't think I'll do it again. So I've finallly given up making coffee every morning and instead have smoothies with the Vita Mixer I borrowed from my mom. BUT I drink my smoothie in the same cup everyday:

YellowI attended a baby shower (it's a girl) and I managed to crochet a little beanie to match the outfit I bought at TJ Maxx:

Big Yellow Flower

I thought about keeping this beanie- I really really liked it. I use directions but then I don't so I always fear I won't be able to make another.

Today it's raining but I feel good so it doesn't bother me as much as when I'm sick. I had one sick day this week and I felt so sad. Rob really helped me feel better. When I talk with my mom she get's a bit upset and then I get more upset. I feel so bad I upset everyone. I'm getting better at mentally dealing with pain. I read there is a gut mind connection so I really mentally try working it out. All I know is when I feel good I enjoy every minute.

The good thing about the rain is my new wellies from ebay:
I really like ebay!

Today Valrie Bertinelli is on Oprah- I really would like to see it. She's an inspiration to me. Every since I was in my 20s- I've always been older than I actually was/is. I will turn 40 next month, but I've been 40 for about 2 years. This is probably because I fear death everyday. Anyways I always look to older women for insight. I am so happy for her to wear a bikini at 48-49 Wow- Right now I won't put one on. BUT there is hope!

A couple before pictures of basement GIRL CAVE

2 cement walls 2 plywood- the walls have been primed so maybe paint this weekend!

I seen this lamp at TJ Maxx and Homegoods. It was actually cheaper at Homegoods- the only reason for this is probably b/c at TJ Maxx they are bad about marking down merchandise.

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