Monday, April 6, 2009

Easier said than done!

This is how I feel on fat days:

I was in need of some major help!
I started my 1st week doing Weight Watchers. This is not my first time, but it's still exciting and frustrating. I am doing points and I'm allowed 18 points- YUK. I'm starving and having a really hard time doing that. My morning smoothie costs me about 6-8points, and I drink that before 7am! The good thing about my smoothie is I do get a lot of good points for fruit and veggies. I think it's sinful that a banana costs 2 points. :(
I love bananas.
I have been having salads for lunch and sometimes pizza with no cheese. I am cutting back on dairy. I've started drinking diet coke only as a treat.
I'm still settling into a routine that I can live with.
I really enjoyed the Weight Watcher meeting- it really helps. The leader is very good. I checked out one of my favorite blogs 2 Excited Brides and seen one of them actually posted a before picture (which was more like an after). I can't post a before.

While shopping on the weekend I wanted to die. I can't believe how bad I am. The weight I put on is really hard to believe to me. My stomach has been better and I feel better so exercising should get better.

Oh and I realized that my Easter dress may have been intended for a mother of the bride dress. Lucas asked me if it was my mom's and Rob questioned it as well. WHAT IS GOING ON?

I'm excited for Easter. Easter is a great time in church and I am really looking forward to it. Holy Thursday Lucas will be serving mass. He wasn't too thrilled, but when I went over how important this week is and what it all means he became more interested. Lucas gets nervous about serving, but there will be so many alter servers that it won't matter if he makes mistake.

The basement is ready for paint. Rob has worked really hard on the basement! He's great.
Here's the colors we decided on:
Woodlawn Snow 6003-1A Valspar:Frappe 6003-1B Valspar: Our accent color is yellow- this is a mustard color

I gave Lucas a small project for the room (being he has shop class) and here it is before paint:

I'm so proud of him- I ordered the word RELAX and he took it from there. He choose to cut out the letters separately so that we had more options when using them.
When thinking about wall art for the basement, I thought about Wordel. Lucas introduced me to wordel.

You can input anything and it will take the words and create stuff like this:

The above is Abraham Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Address. The words are sized by use; the more it's used the bigger it is. Cool HUH? Wouldn't something like this make nice wall art?


Lizzie said...

This is so cool. Thanks for commenting so I could see your blog. I LOVE decorating stuff, so it's fun to see all your ideas. Thanks

Danielle said...

Thanks Lizzie- I'm a big fan of your decorating and recipes!

Sista B said...

Can't wait to see the girl cave :)
Love the letters by the way!