Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I did IT!

I finished organizing my jewelry- Rob had asked me if it was normal. After seeing all of it, maybe not. I guess I collect jewelry.
I've been organizing my jewelry for years and finally learned the "RIGHT " way!
I used to just do it in boxes- but then you have to open the boxes to and that can be a pain.
Then I did baggies and used a dresser drawer for the items I use most and the other went under my bead in a drawer.
I finally realized I need to be able to see everything, no boxes, no stacking. This way I won't forget about things. The under the bed containers are great! The only thing is I can only fit 2 under my bed. So I used shoe boxes as well, which worked well because then I was able to separate the bracelets from brooches. The 2 white jewelry boxes I keep my everyday items in. I did love going through all my jewelry because there are memories with all of them.
A few years ago my sis Becky gave me a 3 drawer box filled with jewelry and that was a great gift for me. I ended up using that container for jewelry that needs repair and odds and ends that could be used to create other things. The 3rd drawer is for empty boxes, travel jewelry bag, and my ear lifts.
What else I did gain 1 Pound! Oh well ther is always next week.
Weight Watcher thought: ONE bite tastes the SAME as FIVE.
How true is that!

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Sista B said...

First of all, it says you posted this at 3 a.m. in the morning. Is that true? Secondly, I have never known anyone to have a jewelry collection that BIG - wow! Next time I need "special" jewelry, I'm coming to your house! Weight? Let's not go there. I haven't jogged and I'm up 10! Hopefully once I get out of my funk, I'll get motivated. How's the girlcave? I miss you!