Friday, April 24, 2009

Down .6

WHAT IS .6? Well better to count every ounce! Otherwise I'd still be the same weight.

At my meeting I learned I need to listen to my body- is it hungry or not?

Great tip from my booklet:
When you get your meal
1st Mentally cut it in half
2nd After eating half - take a break and see if you still feel hungry
If yes - cut in half again and do the same thing

Another great tip from another WW member:
When you are at a stand still or gaining- when you really don't want to go to a meeting- PUSH THROUGH! This is when you need a meeting the most.

I also did Weight View again. I don't know I think it's pretty cool.
Here's my before and after:

I think it's pretty cool.
Anyways.....The weather has been so nice and I managed to walk 3 miles on Sunday! Yay
The only problem is that's like an hour of my day. Was it worth it? I guess- not feeling it, but it was.
I'm so excited for better weather. I'm really getting into blues, greys and yellows.
Here's a color chart I found with summer's hot colors:

Why can't I be this cool?:Quick note on Rob! Saturday we had plans to go to dinner with friends to a restaurant I've been dying to go to. Yum. Well I was sick with an IBS stomach. I ran around with Lucas all day and I just felt worse as the day went on. Then at one point I tried on my dress and I looked pregnant. I cried and cried and cried for like an hour. What made it worse was that it wasn't dinner with close friend who I could have maybe explained it was with newer younger friends. Oh and did I say none could look pregnant or fat. And they were all probably 10 years younger than I and in good shape.
Rob was so good to me. I would have never made it without him. He was so sweet and made me feel so special. I felt so bad for putting him through all my grief. I didn't want to go, but the thought of ruining his time made me mad. So we went. It actually wasn't too bad and it's probably better I went instead of sitting at home. I loved spending time with Rob. This picture reminds me of what Rob goes through with me. I'm lucky he has faith in me and believes me when I tell him I'm sick. At times I think maybe I'm mental, but he insists I'm not!

PS- In this picture the guy with the cane is saying to him self- "Poor guy, that lady is crazy" :)

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amy said...

you are definetely that cool!! I see that outfit and definetely see you in it.

Way to go on the .6 loss! It is a loss and that is all that matters. I haven't been to a meeting in a few weeks but need to get back. I find them to be therapuetical for me. It is the only place that you can talk each week about your weight and people are actually listening and understanding. Also I love getting the tips and seeing others success. Great motivator there.

I am so sorry that you are still having issues with the IBM. I know my friend Kerry was totally miserable with hers and she showed it. She is some type of meds and it seems to be undercontrol. I hope you get to that point!