Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally getting my wedding pictures together for our album
These are some of my favorite wedding pictures:

Well it should get nice outside any day now! I seen these sandals on a girl and really liked them. They are by Aldo.

So I was looking at Jcrew and seen a yellow bracelet and had to have it. Well it went on sale, but was sold out instantly. I did find it on ebay so I bought it. I love this outfit and did purchase the top as well. It was on sale. The skirt......well it's not on sale yet. Already own a pair of silver strappy sandals-who doesn't?

Basement is coming along. I did purchase 2 pillows at Target. I will use these for camping out on the floor. Target has a lot of pillows on-line.

Pillows can really spice things up. Rob keeps saying, "Didn't you just buy pillows?" I still need some for the couch. Looking for grey pillows.

On ebay one day I thought I was purchasing a cool pillow- only to realize I overlooked it was a seller from Hong Kong! Then I realize it's just a cover- at first I was bummed, then I got to thinking it might not be so bad. See if you have a pillow you are sick of instead of buying a new one you can put a different cover on it. COOL

I really would like to purchase a white serving tray and have white or grey figurines on it. They are showing a lot of things painted white which I love. You can collect a few things and then just paint them white.

We live in a ranch and I have never really been into ranches, but I'm starting to like it. It's a less stressful way of living. I also came across a great website:

YOU will love this adorable couple! Take a tour of their house.

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