Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Basement Update

It's coming along slowly but surely. We are trying to do this as inexpensive as possible so it's going slow. I put that picture up just because I'm still working on getting one. Pink pillow are also there just because. Did you check out the funky pillow from Hong Kong! Yes- there it is. I do like the pattern. The big yellow pillows,white lamp and carpet are the only purchases besides the wood and paint.
Big yellow pillow- Target $24.99each
Carpet- Lowes $75.00 (left over piece-which we do have a slight problem with)
Lamp- HomeGoods $40.00
Lucas is trying to put together a pull up bar.
Lucas is on a kick of running so this will help with getting me out to walk. Last night I walked 2 miles and managed to do my 8min ab DVD- Yeah!

I came across this article in Women's World, yellow, yellow, and more yellow. I really dig the yellow pillow! I believe it's at Target.


Sista B said...

Looks awesome! I actually like the contrast of the pink pillows. Glad Lucas can help you with working out. I've yet to go jogging - remember I said I was going to? I've got to get my butt in gear! Keep up the good work.

Love ya! Sista B

Amy said...

so funny I was looking at that Woman's World magazine and loved all the yellow. The basement is looking good.