Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

This year I had to dye eggs by myself. Lucas is at the age where he's not into it.
Don't ask - I have no idea why they are speckled, but Lucas said they look cool. Easter is a great holiday that starts weeks earlier.

Here I am Holy Thursady waiting to go to mass. I was super excited because I really enjoy Holy Thursday and Lucas was serving at mass. The church is very solemn and dark and you really feel what Jesus may have felt at the Last Supper.

Lucas did wonderful serving and actually carried one of the torches. If you have never been to mass on Holy Thursday you should go, but only if you can go to mass on Easter Sunday as well. Easter Sunday is the most joyous mass. It's when we realize that Jesus has RISEN FROM THE DEAD. It is the best feeling ever.

It has been hard this year for me because I felt such anger concerning the abuse Christianity takes. I want to be a good Christian and not feel hate, but it's hard. I was confused when I received Newsweek in the mail. I was mad when I received the issue claiming Christianity is coming to an end. Is that NEWS- NO. Plus it's false. I immediately called to find out why I was receiving the magazine and then to cancel it. I received it as a free gift when I placed an order. Gifts like that I do not want. So as you know my next call was to that company. I vow to be a better Christian/Catholic and pour my energy into letting people know I am Catholic, and not being afraid to say so. In the past I've held back. I love God and Jesus. Never again will I let someone tell me I can't talk about my religion. I will never forget being told my a teacher not to send in treat bags with a lamb on it I guess fearing it represented the Lamb of God. So many times school would tell us what was appropriate and they pretty much took away every holiday that had a hint of religion. Why did I back down? We need to get a little louder about our religion. Christians and all religions need to step up and quit taking slack. We need to show our religion, there are people who could use some.

This year our church welcomed 9 new members.

OK - enough of my rampage. I am so lucky to have married into a Catholic family like my own. My mother-in-law is special and she made this beautiful cake.

The kids had a great Easter as you can see:

We spent our Easter at Rob's grandmother's and my mom's. We spent both meals with Rob's parents, which most people never get to do. It is awesome and I am thankful for having such great in laws. I need not mention that I love my parents and having them is awesome. We are also super lucky to have a grandparent! Mine have all passed but Rob has his grandmother. We don't get to see her enough so holidays are a must and extra special with her actually cooking for us.

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Sista B said...

Loved your Easter dress. I really missed being with the entire family that day. It was definately missed. Religion... I wish Jason and I had a stronger foundation to build on. We have DVDs we got for Christmas, we talk about it a lot, but we haven't acted on it. I keep telling him if we had a stronger foundation, things would be easier for us to deal with. A friend of mine just went through confirmation and I know it is never too late and that it is up to me. Thanks for your inspiration. Love you!