Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I learned from my house plant

As I was growing up I learned to always help those in need. This spilled over to animals and then plants.

I remember my parents always there to help someone. They also picked up any stray or injured animal. This did pass on to my brother and myself.

Some of my fondest memories of lending a hand:

Mom helping an elderly lady in the pouring rain at Kmart. We ended up helping this woman get home after shopping at Kmart. Her name was Gracie and she was the cutest little character. We became friends with Gracie, but after a while I don't know what happened with Gracie- BUT I did keep this

Gracie made pins out of eye glass lenses....I LOVE this PIN! It's in my repair bin.

My father bringing home the saddest, sickest looking dog I had ever seen. My father carried her down to the basement and made her a bed, she couldn't even hold her head up. He feed her by hand and she lived. We named her Owego because that is the town my father found her in. We always imagined her living with an old guy who probably died. Owego ran away a few times and ran far.........we assumed she was trying to get back home. She lived a long time and was the best dog you could ever have.

My brother bringing home the blackest, worse smelling dog I ever smelled. I think he found him one day at work. No one ever claimed him so he became our pet and his name was Spooky. Spooky was a little on the "not so smart" side, but so lovable. Spooky too would run away or I should say walk off, I don't believe he was headed anywhere. One time someone actually tried to keep Spooky and well we had to break him out of someones backyard.

Me- well I think the funniest and saddest thing I brought home was a baby possum. I was driving one night and I seen a dead possum (pretty big) in the middle of the road. Then I seen some little ones on the other side of the road running away. But then I seen a little one on the road by the mom looking confused. I pulled over and thankfully Lucas had a bug box in the car so I scooped it into the box. I wasn't sure if it would make it on it's own so I took it home. I put the box in the bathtub and had nightmares all night of it getting out. Possums makes a weird noise and it was freaking me out the whole time. In the morning I called around and no one had any interest in helping me and one guy even yelled at me for bringing it home. I was honestly just trying to help the little thing. In the end a very kind lady agreed to take him for me. I was so relieved for that little guy- he was going to be O.K.

There were many others through the years and some of the stories were not so happy. We shed a lot of tears for little creatures who didn't make it. We also had our share of people in our lives that no matter how much you tried to help them they couldn't get their footing. We always felt good that we did all we could to help.

Baby bunny........mom met with our neighbors lawn mower.

So then as I got older I also felt bad for plants! No idea why- Years ago I was working in a salon and they had some wonderful plants. They had a "plant lady" who came in and cared for them so they were beautiful. Well one day as I was going into work and I seen she put a little plant out for the garbage....if they didn't look good they were out. I don't know what it was about this plant, but I couldn't just let it go to the dump. After my shift I took the plant the home that was 16 years ago.

So now she is not doing well. I don't know what happened- all these years she was great. A couple years ago she actually had beautiful smelling flowers that she never had before. I feel so bad she is dying. I felt especially bad because after we moved into Rob's house I keep her at my mom's because we didn't have room at Rob's.

I will miss her....yes I'm that sentimental! She gave me a lot of calming beauty in my homes over the years. I was so sad to see her getting sick, but just like that time she gave me flowers for no apparent reason she now give me a another surprise. I am no plant expert so all this seems so strange to me. A baby is sprouting up!

As I watch her die I too feel like a piece of me has died over these past few months, but now I will be new again.

Here she is with the little guy!

What I learned from my house plant:
Helping others can lead to New Beginnings just when things were everyday humdrum.

Humdrum has ended for us............Bring on the New Beginning!

Last chemo April 19th.......Hair Growth June 5
I have stubble coming in for brows, the cutest little eyelashes and I'm starting to love my breasts after some very emotional up and downs. :)

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Amy D said...

Oh my gosh look at that hair growth, wow....it probably seems only a little to you, but it looks like a lot!! You are just too darn sweet Danielle- such a big heart- of course I have always known you to be a thoughtful and unselfish person! BTW, i have that very same plant, and my too flowered one year, very fragrant and never flowered again- odd. Perhaps they only flower every couple of years..

Love ya