Friday, June 19, 2009

It's done!

Ok- I had to include this picture below because there was someone cute sleeping on the couch. Dog found on PetFinder

The above picture was taken before I had sweet Rob paint a design around the tailgate.
Back to the tour- here at the stairs- Great pics from Becky. Rob had this chair in his office. Frames from Walmart.

After that we have a doorway with curtain and curtain rod all from Walmart. Curtains hemmed by my mom-in-law Pat! I had the picture and wine rack(Pier1) from my old house. Another one of Rob's chairs and an ottoman. Blanket from Walmart.

These 2 pieces of art are complimates of Lucas! They are 2 of my favorite art projects he brought home from school. The frames are from Walmart.
Next the couch and the car part I managed to fit in!Rob outlined the tailgate for me late last night! He's the best!
I love my pillows! Yellow and blue pillows from Target, and the pinks from my place.

The lamp I fell in love with at Homegoods! Lucas' dragaon from home and another school project; puffy frame!

Well the Picture of my FAVORITE; Audrey Hepburn is from Allposters! It was a gift for my mom but was way too big and damaged. Rob did a little fixing and it was good enough for us. Allposters were awesome and gave us a full return! You can't see from the picture but it is damaged.
The metal chairs were in Rob's bedroom. The pillow is actually a pillow cover from ebay. Lucas let us store his cool long board behind my baby italian plant! Oh and the planter is from Kmart.

Yes- It's time to RELAX- we did end up repainting these letters yellow- LAX to stand for Lacrosse!
The couch- Rob had
The tables- I had (HomeGoods)
Lucas made the RELAX letters in shop at school!
White lantern thing from Joann Fabrics, White candle and little white vase from Big Lots.
TV Stand- Kmart
TV- Rob had
Carpet- was a remnant from Lowes

We didn't do too bad!

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