Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's been going on?!?

Friday Class trip to compete at Kutztown University!

Lucas' chorus class came in 1st place and scored an Excellent- they were 1 point away from a Superior. They sang beautifully! I love listening to them again.
The girl on the left is my fav; I think Lucas should go out with her when he's 24. O.K. so they already dated and he said she's too emotional...LOL

So after the competitions the kids were headed to Dorney Park; where it rained all day long! I also went to the park and it wasn't too fun for me, because I was dieting and brought all my own meals. :( So NO fries, funnel cake, or Cinnabon!

This is one of Lucas'

This is Lucas' closest friend at his new school
Saturday- I had a bad headache, but was determined to get to a Farmer's Market! On the way I had to stop for ChickenBBQ- one of my favorite things of summer! Dinner for later!

O.k. so I'm going to the closest Market- I am new to this market so I just went with it. Yeah
O.K. so I driving down this beautiful road- even took a picture. Seen some walkers - some old guy was staring at me. So much so he actually turned around 360 to watch me pass. I said to Lucas - "what's his problem?"

Well I was driving my car on a walker trail. I came to a spot that I had to question - "Is this right?" and then I pulled over my a park cop. I was so embarrassed! You can see below I was even taking pictures while driving illegal.
So after I was cleared and my license was clean I was let go. The Farmer's Market was ok. I ended up getting some pork chops from a farmer who claimed he raised Happy Hogs! I don't like picturing my dinner walking freely right before.....

I also purchased some lettuce! It was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last time I had fresh farmer pork was when a friend's husband purchased a pig for many meals. I don't know, but it was a little different and I sort of turned myself off. But this farmer had really nice and neat cuts and they were frozen. I ended up making stuffed pork chops for Rob and just plain chops for Lucas. The both of them ate them. I really wanted to try them, but my diet said NO.
Here are the chops I got ready to stuff. The recipe was the easy one with breadcrumbs and cream of mushroom soup. I like it a lot.
Here's what the cuts looked like:

Here's Lucas' little chops - He's so fussy so I had to make sure they looked normal. I had to cut the fat off before serving!

Lucas and I went to the movies Saturday night and I was so excited to see 2 of my favorites were in movies to come out soon!
Funny people
Adam Sandler
Fell in love with him in this:

Year OneMichael CeraFell in love with him in this:
Funny guys are the best! I would take funny over hot one any day!

Karl and I got some new diggs?
Well I bought this dress from Chadwicks in black! I was looking for a dress similar to the one my sista wore on my bday trip. This dress is awesome if you are looking for a simple, comfortable black dress. I ordered down a size to a 2 petite. I normally now wear a 5!
Buy this Buy this!!!!!!!!!
Best pic I have in it:
And Karl got a new tie for work!
Sunday I went to church alone b/c Lucas didn't feel well and by 4pm he had a fever and was down till Tuesday!
Here's me and Karl lounging on Monday after a sleepless night Sunday.

I'm working on getting my front porch area fixed up- I bought this cute rug at Target. I really really like it!

Weight Loss Update................I'm down to 122 from 126! Finally my stomach has gone down. I just have to lose weight. Now that my stomach has gone down I mentally feel better and lighter. Exercising is now easier.
I lost some time due to Lucas being sick but I'm going to the Y in the am with MOM. Having someone to wait on you to go to the gym really puts the pressure on!
I love these two things!
I haven't felt this good in a long time! I am doing great with my stomach. I am just ending a diet called fat loss4 idiots. Say what ya will, but it felt good. I'm thinking white stuff like flour and sugar make me blow-up. This diet had like no bread or sugar. I'm also ready Skinny Bitch again and it's good. Fatloss4idiots is low carb diet where you pick the food you like and it spits out a daily menu (11days) of 4 meals a day. Sometimes I just need to be told exactly what to eat. You can also follow this diet while eating organic or whole foods because you pick the food.
I'm really enjoying my coffee table book from mom!

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