Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SuMMER TIME MuSic and MaGazines

Well my 2 summer albums are going to be The Bird and The Bee and Lady GaGa!!!!!
On Mother's day my mom gave me a great magazine rack with magazines and I totally love the May - BHG! It has so much summer stuff I LOvE!

I was so excited looking through BHG because I seen my lamp in there! She's a STAR!

The one magazine subscription I always keep up is Elle.
Still working on the outside of our place......here's some quick pics of the front:



Just a few changes made it a little more comfy.
PillowS Yummy
I painted a terra cotta pot bottom a berry delicious color to match my pillows from Target(striped ones). The green ones are from last year at Lowes.
My flowers are from my house in Vestal! xxx

Here's some great images from Better Homes and Gardens.
I laugh when I see these pictures because there are 2 things Rob talks about pillows and plants......he's wondering why I keep bringing them home. Looking at these pictures I know why!
Awesome bench!
I like seeing plants in pots surrounded by trees!This bar is so neat and inexpensive. I think

When I look at all the plants I wonder how someone cares for all of them.
Succulents- right?

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Sista B said...

Love your before and after! I like the change in the bench and the Danielle flair!