Friday, November 14, 2008

Wedding Projects and Props

The wedding has passed and now I'm just going to document and comment on as much as I can.

I was so happy to have completed the love sign for over the cake:

Items purchased for this Ribbon, paper, holepuncher- all from Michael's- Super Easy!

Here are the pathetic hearts for the backs of our chairs: (still pathetic- but I was so out of time)
Purchased these from Kmart on sale.

Speaking of time - THANK GOD for Grooms and Bestmen!!!

Rob and his bestman Keith came in and helped HUGE with last minute decorating! They seriously saved the day!

Here is our card box- Loved this box! Box was hand made by a friend of the family

Here is our entrance sign- bought on esty from SignsByDiane

These were suppose to hold the table names- but they were too long- the Terra Cotta had better holders that worked perfect! May try and sell these on ebay.

Here was another problem- MINTS

I never ordered them on-line. Went to Michael's and bought candies (the doves) they tasted bad. Ended up with the little white chocolate mints. Rob filled every tin!

Lip gloss for the ladies room- Loved these!
Glass bowl bought at HomeGoods

This candlelabra purchased at HomeGoods. This sat on the Piano

Ok- escort card table. Candles and glass vases bought at HomeGoods
Limes bought from a local distributor- Behlog and Sons
Green leaves bought at Walmart
book and pen- David's bridal

Here are the favors- wrapped! My mother-in-law wrapped every single favor!

After working on the reception set-up it was time for rehearsal
Here are a couple of pics from the dinner put on by my in-laws.
One thing I regret is not taking enough pics. There were some really great decorations at the dinner! Also some people didn't attend and other left early; mostly b/c it was Halloween. Not matter- it was a great dinner.

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Sista B said...

CONGRATULATIONS! And yeah, you updated your blog! I thought I might check it out and you did! Can't wait to see pics from the photographers. It was truly a wonderful weekend!

Love ya!