Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bridal shower! Loved it! Loved my skirt...
This is my outfit before I left my place: This picture is so funny b/c I took it of myself! It looks so funny to me- Especially b/c Sara (mannequin head) is on the kitchen table. Sara was my mannequin in beauty school and then she became a Halloween decoration and now she's in the house wearing my headpiece!

Sara and I have been through a lot of good times!

What a poser....Freakish

Aren't they cute: Bridesmaid Jen, Becky (future sis), MOD Amber, Bridesmaid Krista!

My bridal shower was wonderful. All of my bridesmaids were there but 1 and I felt so loved. My favorite presents: Blessed Mother, Spider bowl, Candy dish, panties, rectangle serving name a few.
My mom bought me so many nice undergarments!!!!!!!!!!!

The food was delicious and my future sister-in-law hosted the party at her home. My future mother in-law made these adorable little cakes with fondant icing- wow. Oh and the favors - green glass ornaments. Green is really coming alive!
We played games, ate and hugged...........ahh

That night we went to dinner and out on the town and the next day I was out of sight in bed!

My hair has been cut, highlighted, curled, pinned and all that stuff. So far I love it all! Here's the style I really liked:
I know I'm crazy but I hate the bottom half of my face!!


Fell in Love
I loved this purse so much I decide to go ahead and dye my shoes FERN green. I hope they turn out.

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