Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who said you lose weight before the wedding?

No I'm not the hot blonde- I'm the brunette sticking her gut out! I don't know what my problem is, but all I want to do is eat. This picture was taken a weekend ago when we were visiting Rob's parents. The blonde is Rob's sister. The good thing is that on this weekend visit I actually went jogging with Becky! Well- I went and I stopped a lot! But Becky kept me going she would let me stop for a bit and then ask to jog again. Becky was so nice about it. We then did my 8 minute abs dvd- it was great to work-out with someone.

Right now I work out alone when Rob and Lucas are sleeping usually. It's boring and lonely but I do feel the need to workout- well I'm scared about my dress!

I have dvds I alternate - but 8 minute abs is an every night must!

I must say I'm so thankful for Rob and Lucas! They help me out a lot with giving me time to workout and or joining me for a walk/jog. I love these guys!

Here they are waiting for the school bus on Lucas' 1st day of 6th grade.

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