Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Craft News- Well I've been picking times when friends and family can get together with me and do some items for the wedding and here's what we did this weekend:
PomPoms for over the head table!
And they don't look like lettuce (see previous post for lettuce)

My future sister-in-law Becky came over and helped me with these- and Thank God! She was awesome! So precise

My mother found and ordered the huge tissue paper and was great at fluffing our poms.

My sister-in-law Nicole worked on the intials! The intials are looking great:
Is there a Doctor in the house????

Look at my great craft- impressive - huh?
Well I just wanted a bow on my cake knife to match our wedding cake...it wasn't as easy as it looks....lol
These cake knifes were super inexpensive but look good!

I also put my stickers on the lip balm I purchased to have in the ladies room at the wedding - just incase there's a girl in need of some gloss.
I love these!

Here's a few pics of some purchases:
We found these votive holders at a dollar store- we purchased enough to line our huge headtable. Found some brown and green ribbon in the sales bin- so can't have enough brown around!

Last but not least- the card I bought for Rob on our wedding day- still working on a gift.

Weight info- Lost 2lbs and feeling pretty good about myself- I guess. Have to stay positive.

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