Friday, September 5, 2008

Well things are really moving. We made a visit to the rental shop and well that was pricey-but the items I picked I think will look sharp. The table setting is really hard for me. I'm going with ivory and chocolate overlay and ivory napkins. Napkin folds are something I'm still researching and deciding on - based on if I will have a menu card or not.

Saturday 2 good friends along with my mother got together with me and we made my pew bows. These were very simple elegant enough for my ceremony.

They are simple looking- I like them.

My sister in-law Nicole started on our initials that originally seen on An Excited Bride Blog. They are going to be great! She did a great job so far.

Our next craft is the tissue paper pom poms. As seen on Martha Stewart. I scouted around and did find some on-line that people did according to Martha's directions and they looked really good. If you ever have time check out:

Here are her pom poms:

Don't laugh- here is our 1st attempt:

Looks more like lettuce!

Am I scared, worried- oh yes

That's why I purchased is:

So that way I see it and maybe learn all the tricks to making the pom poms. These candy corn pom poms can decorate our Halloween Rehearsal.

Dress update:

This is the last picture of this's off to be taken apart and given new life.

I purchased 2 of these hearts for the backs of our bride and groom chairs. Yes- they need a little TLC.

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