Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Black Dress

This is why a little black dress is IMPORTANT and so are ACCESSORIES
1 dress 30 days- cool
You can purchase the same dress used for the experiment it's $150- what an investment. I really want this dress.

OK -I'm off for vacation- I'm going to pre-post a
give-a-way everyday- Monday to Friday (8/24-8/28)!
The final drawing will be Wednesday 9/2/2009!
You can enter up until that date.
To enter:
You can either leave a comment
or email me at:

A quick note on my Instead situation- I LOVE IT. I finally have figured a way to remove it! This thing may be one of the best things for me and all women. LOL

Try it
It's so cool to go to work and not have to run to the bathroom with a bullet (tampon). I hate tampons and the only ones I like to use are O.B. which remind me of bullets. With Instead there is no string hanging out, no accidents and a night of not getting up!!! Another thing- I hate the smell of tampons new or not new- they are so gross to me. I don't like to discuss it but I think most of us hate tampons.

I was a little freaked to take it out and the 1st time I yanked it out and it wasn't pretty, but now I know to keep it squeezed while taking it out.
Go here to learn more about it:

Last night i packed and almost forgot my most important out-fit!

I did pack a work-out outfit-

I had this adorable suitcase that fit all my accessories! I used Lucas' old pencil box for most bracelets.....he's onto pen pouches and girls :(



Sista B said...

You are too cute Diva D.

I was telling Jason about Instead and he looked at me funny like it was suppose to be something for HIM and I!!!

I love that white Tee with the gray and yellow. Your accessories have definately rubbed off on my Mom and I (we don't have to wear gold jewelry EVERYDAY).

I'll be missing you!

Danielle said...

I'm miss you too. I do love that shirt too- it's last year American Eagle- but they had some cute ones this year too.
Love you
ps you should try that instead- on the website it really explains everything better than ME!

Danielle said...

PS that's great you and your hubby talk about something like instead- mine doesn't have a clue- he would be like "what" "gross"

Kupiec Family said...

Funny you say your son is now into girls. I have a daughter who is almost 13 and have noticed she is starting to get "texted" by boys although I don't think they actually "talk" at all - is that good or bad - not really sure. Scary isn't it??? Not sure if I'm ready for these years to come, and seeing she's the oldest of 4 I have many years of fun ahead I'm sure!
I love the suitcase with all the accessories. Hope you have a great vacation!!!