Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shoes and pretty things coming.........

Well on the weekend I did get to browse a few shops....Payless, Target and a Jcrew catalog.
Payless is dear to my heart because I wear a size 5 an it's hard to find 5s and
ordering online I can't be sure of the fit until I get it.

So here's what I seen in Payless:
Next shoe Jcrew (very similar)

I also loved this one from Jcrew-

And then there's this one similar from Payless that looked a lot better in the person. This picture doesn't do the shoe justice

OK - this next shoe I posted a bit back
Here it is from Payless
Another Payless

These sneaker are so cute- I think Payless Boots

I really like this pair

And I would love them with this Jcrew dress

Now things I would like to have-
RED Tstrap shoes

A BLACK and BLUE outfit....something about blue and black together :)

A short full skirt

Textured HOSE

Feather headband- well I did get one of these

Beautiful Flowers
these are the biggest and best http://emersonmade.blogspot.com/
I wear my yellow flower like mad

Layers and Layer of cool bracelets

Self Challenge- I'm really enjoying it! Last week I did the exercising, but this week I am also doing the food!!! I had major anxiety at the grocery store this weekend. I spent a TON of money on groceries!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get so worried about eating it all. I know it seems like a ton of money; but if we never eat out it's worth our HEALTH!

In the past I never used the logs on the Self website, but this time I'm logging my workouts and food. It's neat to see how well I did at the end of the week.
So Monday went like this
5:00am workout
6:30 Yogurt Crunch
7:30 Shower
8:30 Leave the house- Drop Lucas
10:30 Snack- cheese stick, crackers and grapes
12:30 Lunch 260 calorie Lean Cuisine
4:30 Get Lucas and get home to prepare Dinner for Rob
6:00 Drop Lucas off at Camp -Powerwalk with friend
7:00 Lacrosse Camp
8:30 Heat up Lucas' Dinner and prepare mine- steak on a salad
11:30 Bed- went to bed WAY to late!
We'll see how it goes
Only time will tell

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