Monday, August 10, 2009

Working Out- I feel Strange

Well working out hasn't gotten any easier and there are no results to be happy about. It's the hardest to workout when you see no improvement. I almost feel like I'm going a little batty. I'm starting to have strange thoughts:

Like why do people spend so much time just to stay in shape?

Maybe the fit people are the weak ones, so concerned about what they look like. Like that's all that matters in life.

Maybe the full figure people are the strong ones; able to walk about with bulges and all because they don't care what others think. They are better parents and workers for it.
It's funny how I can probably rationalize working out or not. We are so used to fast everything so it's no surprise why I have no patience. I think I should see results NOW!

Well Saturday morning I couldn't do my workout. I felt sick. Maybe I was just FED UP? So I made healthy snacks for our trip to Ithaca instead.

Pita chips are real good with some seasoning and baked at 350- till browned and crispy.
There are days I hate working out but I finish- WHY? Well I think about The Biggest Loser or Ruby; I've seen these people just push through. They are so strong and determined- puts me to shame. I could cry when I see them working so hard. It's so inspiring!
What it comes down to for me- I like to feel good. I am also realizing that food is very important when working out. If there is a time you can't work out; you should at least eat right! It doesn't matter what size you are as long as you feel good and are able to be happy and enjoy life.

So what to do when I'm going crazy- It's probably a good idea to watch a movie like Cast Away! I love this movie. I know my mind is just playing tricks on me and I can make it through.
I cry every time I watch it and he loses the ball! So here is where I thought we would be hiking- see the people?Ok... See how Small the people look?
yep we on the northern rim-
WAY UP TOP.At times it was like Stair way TO HEAVEN.......or hell

Poor mom wore a dress and sandals for what she thought was a picnic and walk along the falls.............well 3 miles later we didn't even care to look at THE FALLS- we were wiped out.

I like spending time in Ithaca because it's just so nice to look at!

The walls in the fitting room at EVOLUTION remind me of my bedroom growing up. I always had my closet wall plastered with fashion magazine pictures.
Who wouldn't stop in this TOY STORE?
Window shopping in Ithaca can be very entertaining- I love this display
I didn't feel real good this day and I think I look so fat in this picture, but I am happy that I spent the day with Lucas and my mom. OH and glad I hiked that 3 mile nightmare.
A gift from
Powerhouse MOVE


Kupiec Family said...

Please don't be so hard on yourself. You are so beautiful both on the outside and the inside! I know it is so hard to keep up with what we "think" we should look like, etc. but you are blessed with a wonderful life and should be proud of yourself!!!

Danielle said...

Thanks Jackie- now if I could be as beautiful on the outside as you!
lol- I know what you are saying. Some of us just love to EAT and wear it.LOL
Thanks for the support.

Sista B said...

I couldn't agree more with Jackie. You are always doing things, living life to the fullest and bringing joy all around you. I think if you continue with your goals, you will succeed. You've already lost weight and you are fully aware of the good things to eat, so you're on the right track. Keep up the good work!
Love ya!

Danielle said...

You're the best sister! I can do it...I can do it.