Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Everyone wants a better butt- right?


I ended up being so busy over the weekend that I haven't gotten to work out, but working at my church bazaar was a WORK-OUT.

I did notice the back part of my upper legs (right under my butt) was sore. I think it was bending over to load water bottles and cans! When I seen the above BUTT WORKOUT it made sense.
Here's a little video clip with BUTT MOVES

I was so thankful I had been working out before the church bazaar got here because it was work. I knew I needed strength to work the whole weekend and the workouts did pay off. Last week I just started adding a night time work out: Yoga Booty Ballet and WOW am I behind on any sort of PLANK moves! Again I had to just do my best.

Now I have to say again- working out at 1st just blows it's hard and it's draining but YOU have to push through because at one point you will feel bad if you DON'T workout!

I hate doing my yoga booty - HATE IT- but there was a time when I LOVED IT and it felt good. I have to keep remembering this!

I'm so happy my girl friend AMY ran a mile today- I'm so happy. I hope she's as miserable as

Another thing to keep in mind- YOU Have to GET ENOUGH SLEEP!

And thinking about sleep I'm super excited because it's my 1st period that I'm using INSTEAD! So far I'm liking it, but stay tuned for a full review. I'm hoping to sleep the whole night with out having to get up a couple times due to my "FRIEND".

12 hours and no problems- really?- how nice that would be!

Sleep like a queen tonight

Bedroom - JCPENNY


Sista B said...

I'm with you. When I jog I feel good and look forward to it. It's just finding the time and doing it.

Instead? Wow that is awesome! Although I wonder about the removal part... yuk, the joys of being a woman.

Danielle said...

Jogging is so good for ya! I watched some runners today and it made me want to run.

I will post more info on my Instead stuff.

amydriesbaugh said...

haha- Oh I felt miserable alright. Well that day of jogging was good but yesterday my body was killing me. Although I do know it was a good thing. So I jogged this morning and it went much better. I have been doing step aerobic that has intriquite steps and I didn't feel that terrilbe. I guess it wasn't targeting the right areas.

Oh I so know what you mean about once doing an exercise and how great it felt and now.....not so good. There was a time (before the girls) I ran everyday and hit the gym almost everynight for two hours. It was intense and yet the best feeling.I felt so good and empowered. I always looked forward to the workouts and would be so upset if something would come up and I couldn't workout. So the fact that we felt it before and truly enjoyed means we can get there again.

Don't they say it takes 30 days to create a habit.....let's hope that habit comes and feels good!

Not sure what that instead is....I am googling next:) I swear you find all the things that are interesting and unknown to me.

FYI- I really think your calling was a columnist for a mag. You do such great blogs.