Monday, August 3, 2009

Lucas' Summer

Part 1

Summer is a great time for kids to VEgg-Out
That's what we did. But when you think about it, it's a whole different LEARNING going on. We learned how to spend our whole day; picking what and who we wanted to play with. Mom would sometimes do something different like take us to the library. On weekends my father would make sure we were up early because he didn't think it was good sleeping in. We would also help with LAWN and GARDENING and play BASKETBALL, go FISHING, TAG, BARBIES, WALKING around the block with a BOOM BOX. Summertime was always great fun.

Now kids get to do camps and learn more fun things. Lucas recently attended a camp and learned a little bit about digital photography. He really loved it. His summer was packed with fun stuff so I'm going to try and blog about them, if I can keep up.

Looking at pictures Lucas took during his class on the campus is really touching to me.
Here are some:

Lucas has attended sports camps most of the time so this class was a little more exciting because the boys were different. They weren't walking around with lacrosse sticks busting on each other they carried camera bags at talked photoshop, a refreshing change. Great guys!

OK- I wouldn't think a 12 yr old boy would catch this Polaroid moment He said this gentleman was there every morning enjoying a cigar......

Self Portrait
Pictures taken at home:
Now this is more like 12 year old boy stuff


Besides the guy on the bench-
I LOVE this one!

Lucas had his annual doctor appointment and I had to make some decisions on SHOTs- Yuk.
I ended up going with all 3! Poor kid.
The doctor asked if Lucas minded that I was in the room when he had to get down to his underwear- WHAT?
Boy did Lucas got old quick. "(
Now I'm trying to decide if I should get him a flu shot. I don't usually, but missing school is such a downer!
There's a lot of decent information here:

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