Thursday, August 6, 2009

A few Summer THINGS we tried

Here's a couple oldies but goodies: Chalk - This ultimate chalk kit is from Walmart and it was GREAT FUN for kids of all ages!

Guess what these are?
Yep Hula HOOPS!

There were 2 sizes at Walmart and I preferred the larger ones- easier to HULA! I used to love to hula.

A new twist on an old favorite- WATER BALLOONS!
Also found at Walmart- you put a water balloon in it and wind it up. The object is to pass it back and forth till the device inside pops the balloon. This was also fun.

I really like these for removing my waterproof make-up. I was purchasing a name brand, but gave these a shot and they were just as good.
I love this little wireless mouse. My office at home is tiny so it needed a tiny mouse and when I seen this red one........had to get it.
So I don't get to splurge too much on shoes b/c it's just not easy for me, but I did purchase these RSVP shoe at Zappos and I like em.

This summer I had taken in a Gardenia and I had my 1st flower- How beautiful. I understand Gardenias are difficult so I'm praying I can do it!The other day I needed a flower for a friend having out-patient surgery; so I bought 2 grocery store bouquets and split them up by colors (I read somewhere that you can do that for something different) and I had these guys for work:

These I gave to my mom for helping me out when I brought 3 boys to work with me.

These guys just looked so good in this little bottle.Gee -I didn't take a picture of the flowers for my friend, but they were but yellow button mums.

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Sista B said...

Looks like summer fun! You always find cool stuff. I may have to get one of those water balloon thingies. Love the flowers too. Where did you get them? Have you ever seen the flowers at Aldi's? They're pretty nice. We need a cool store like Cotsco (it's like Sam's Club but better) or Trader Joe's (healthy and fun food) on our side of town. Let's open one up!!!