Friday, July 27, 2012

Where my peeps at?

OK- I love YouTube and I love videos of crazy things like cat's opening drawers to steal hair accessories or birds dancing to music....but I never have the talent to catch anything cool....

The other day though I was in the car with Lucas and just because I was fooling with my phone I took a quick video. It's pretty lame- but it cracks me up and it makes me smile. Lucas is getting older and now when we hang out we laugh a lot.  It's so funny when your kid "gets" the same funny things you do. My girlfriend told me about this with her son and I thought how fun AND now it happens to us. We sometimes just look at each other and know the other person is seeing the same thing and thinking the same thing.

Oh don't get me wrong he still tells me things like "Mom you're not going in there with that on" or "What's wrong with you"~ He wasn't a huge fan of my scarf....I was wearing it all different ways and so he wasn't digging it. You'll see in the little lame video clip he ends up swatting me..not nice.  I crack up over my mom asking why they are called peeps.
It's totally lame, but it's totally just what goes on parking at Maine's. I don't know why I keep laughing about it.

Enough with my lame family video

Onto Weigh-in

Wowza.....for once I hit a teen!!!!! and it wasn't named Luki....I had to say it.

I'm not sure how I managed this, because last week I was still at 122.0.  I do know this past couple of weeks I struggled - wanting to eat all day and missing exercise classes- drinking wine- and I know there is something else bad I just can't think of it.  OH forgot to take my Tamoxifen for 6 days- YIKES.  I hope that's not why I lost.  I did however pull it together this week after hooking back up with my LOVE of YouTube ladies who eat yummy food and post their favorite items and tips!!!!  When I get big I wanna be a You tube star!!!  I learn SO much.  I also love the make-up tips- these girls buy lots of make-up and report back on what's good- LOVE that!!!  I should post all my favorite YouTube Subscriptions.

Somethings that I think helped me big time this week:

Taking a 3 hour class 2 nights a week - kept me from overeating dinner and eating late.  Oh and the class has nothing to do with fitness.

Drinking lots of water- I'm obsessed with a terrible TV show were the woman is always drinking a drink and it makes me want to drink!!  I've come to love the plastic cups that come with a straw and gripper- I'm getting addicted!  When I was hungry I 1st drank a bunch of water

Staying in touch with my girls- Amy and Jen!!!  Knowing that they are going through the same things really helps and we share lots of good tips.  Amy got me on Nike Run and Fitness Pal

Getting more into getting my mile time down

Asking to see all my topless pictures at my doctor's appointment.  I wanted to see me with my real breasts.  Not sure why- but I was surprised at how much better my posture looked now compared to then.  I could see I'm in better shape.  I thought I would cry, but just found it interesting to see all the stages- Real Breasts, Breast Expander in place, Implant, Implant after radiation (YIKES), and now.  Life is going pretty darn good and there was nothing to cry about just more motivation to keep going.

Fitness Pal-(thanks Amy)  I'm going to love as soon as I get the hang of it!!

Having a heart to heart with my Pilates instructor


MY hubs asking why I haven't been to the gym
MY mom always cheering me on with cards and just plain asking
Dad too
Lucas- he makes me laugh and puts up with my craziness

Sara's Tuna Melt Recipe
Sugar-free Bread and Butter Pickles
Seaweed snack
Gluten-free bread sticks
MultiGrain bread
Plantain Chips
Coco Covered Almonds
Dietz and Watson Gourmet Light Turkey breast

Also checking in on my blog makes a difference- I feel like I'm committed- not sure who is looking at this blog, but the thought of failing while others watch....creeps me out...

So I tried some clothes on for a party I have to tomorrow:

Excuse the make-up :)
I love these brown short and peach jacket from H&M

When I was in the city all by myself, I ran in H&M and fell in love with this jacket!!
Not sure about this Lady GaGa tee I wear the crap out of so the next shirt was also an option
Maggie wasn't sure about the shoes....I know they don't go with the shirt.
I really love this shirt
Wow my pictures got more blurry as the morning went on...
I love this blazer with white shorts
Blazer from Macy's
Shorts from Kmart
Shoes from Payless

This shirt is super cute too from Kmart...what's up with my Kmart obsession- I have no idea!!
Shorts from Kmart
Shoes from Aldo

Oh and my scarf is from the Salvation Army- it's from Italy and it's water repellent - crazy!
YouTube also had great videos on scarves~

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Amy D said...


First thought as soon as I saw your face shot was wow her face has gotten so slim!!!
way to go on the loss and getting re-motivated and staying there! Love the clothes- kmart- who would have thought!

Tupac would be proud of the scarf-hahahaha!!

Laughing with Lucas- priceless!

That is awesome that you found the positive from seeing your breast pics!

You are shining and keeping me motivated as well. Keep it up girlfriend!!