Sunday, July 8, 2012



Life can be so hard sometimes......All of us run into some really big problems and just the thought of having to deal with it makes us not want to even think about it.

Right now I'm dealing with heartbreak over a church matter.
At times it's just so much hurt I don't want to deal.

I know a few girls going through some REAL challenges!!
Relationship Problems
Abusive People in their life
Church Issues

Since I've been sick I seem to feel things a bit deeper.  The one day I was shopping at a store and I seen a girl standing in front of the workout equipment and it was painful to just look at her.  She was SO SO skinny.  I wanted to just grab her and hug her and say something...anything.  Lucas could see me looking at her and he too could see she was way too skinny.  I said to him- that poor girl- I feel like I should talk to her.......Lucas was like "NO MOM".  He's probably right.  I mean I have no idea what she is going through and what advice could I possibly give her.  Sometimes we get advice from people who really have no experience or knowledge of your problems yet they give advice......I try to never speak on something I haven't yet experienced myself.  SO what do you do?  Well I guess I feel comfortable telling people that I feel bad and that I don't understand, but I do CARE for them.  I felt a love for that girl for what reason I have no idea why.  I don't think I felt sorry for her- because she was a great girl, but I would hate to see her die or suffer.  I guess it's what you call compassion.  As I was walking around the store thinking about why I care so much for her I heard this, "Miss- I'm not on the clock right now, but is there anything I can help you with?"  and there she stood not on the clock ready to help ME!  What a sweet thing to do.  I had a little conversation with her just about Father's day, but I was thankful for her kindness.  I still think about her- I guess praying for her is what I should do.   It's hard for me to not try and do more for her, because I just love people and I could feel she is a good soul.

So if I had to give advice to anyone it would be this:

When I have a problem I go through this:
1. Get yourself physically ready for change (it's a natural flow that problems will lead to change before going away)- Eat Good, Exercise, Get Rest.

2. Pray

3. Look around- who around you has been there?  Get help from truthful, nonjudgmental, loving people.

4. Research- knowledge even on the tough stuff is all good.  If you need help with that- search out a good researcher who will not pass judgement.

5. Act......after all of the above a solution should present itself.  And when you act - Act Honestly and with as much Love as possible.

6. And when it's hard and you find it to hard to follow through- Repeat 1 and 2 and hang with people that help and love you.

All through out this process you should also be able to go to your family, but sometimes you may need to figure out your ACT before you do that.  I tend to go to my family, but I know some people don't have that option.

So in the end I'm not really trying to give advice, except to maybe myself!  I tend to get wrapped up in a problem and forget about the little process that has helped me before in times of dilemma.

I wish none of us had to go through this stuff!  But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and in the end even death is just another change to something better.

I love you!

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