Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WOW this post has it all!!!

took a picture of my weigh-in but deleted it!

OK I had a couple of goals for 6/29
1. to weigh 120
2. get rid of this bruise

Didn't make either one :(
Anyways it was a busy weekend

Here is my lululemon outfit-
it's like the little black dress of workout gear

The little shorts have this cute detail

BUT my favorite part is the back

 So we had a party on Friday and I knew what I was going to wear, but the weather was SO hot I thought this shirt would make me more hot.
Plus the shorts I had picked out were now too big and I did have to have them altered!
gave my Kmart shirt a try
nice and light and cotton
I really liked this shirt too, but again it was satin/silk- too hot!

Saturday came and I just did some cleaning up and errands with Lucas
BUT before that I hit my limit- blew a fuse- went a little crazy
I pulled out everyone of my tomato, cucumber, basil, collard plants!!
I pulled them all out and then went to my room and cried like a little kid.
WHY you ask?
Well I had high hopes Rob would put a watering hose by our house, but it never happened.  I used to water everything with 2 Gallon water jugs I would have to go down by the Pole barn and fill them, and I had to fill them more than a couple of times to get everything watered.  Well that takes a lot of time and when you are putting in as much time as me exercising it just was possible.  One of the problems with going to the gym so much is that other things suffer and then STINKS!
  I told Rob I wasn't going to be able to watch all those plants wither away- if he didn't get a hose in I was pulling them.
SO I did.  When I think about the Saturday I spent searching out all those beautiful plants and how excited I was to get such nice tomatoes plants- I get SO mad.
He insisted they would come back- but I've been planting more than him and I knew they lacked water for too long.
After crying and crying I got over it and forgave Rob - I guess he just didn't understand the importance of water to a plant and when it's too late it's too late.  He ended up planting some back, but they didn't make it.
Funny how he know the important of water to a truck- thus the only house on our property is where his trucks are!!!  If I didn't love him- I'm kill him...lol.

So as sad as I was - I did find joy when I seen this:
Is she pretty or WHAT? 
Her story:
One morning after spinning I ran to Weis and as I was going by the plants I seen one laying on it's side out of it's pot.  So I picked her up and looked for a pot- but there was none to be found and she honestly looked like she was ready to get tossed.  I took her in the store put her in a plastic bag in the veggie department so I wouldn't get dirt all over and I took her to checkout.  I said to the cashier~ I found this laying outside and it didn't have a pot and doesn't look too good so I'm gonna take it home~and I did.
I babied her for a while in the house and she and then when I thought she was ready I put her outside! 
And she thanked me with the 1st bloom on a day I REALLY needed it!

OK so then on Sunday- I had to get up at 6am to get to the grocery store for the final ingredients for my Risotto I was making for Nick's Baptism.

So I pinned up my hair

A lot of standing at the stove
Add Broth
Add Broth
and so on

Because at times I'm hyper and very impatient I decided to decide which lipstick to wear on this fine Sunday.......and ya know what's nice- Ms. Unorganized did something Organizy last week:

One night I sat down with all my lipsticks and actually made little samples and labeled them.  I have so many I don't wear because I'm just not sure which one and I run out of time to try them on. 

I'd like to make it a little nicer looking next time - but this alone is a huge help.
#8 Really caught my eye
and reason why- it's Joy and it's the lipstick shade I wore on my wedding day
how sweet~ I forgot all about how much I LOVE it

and look what else I have to deal with while standing at the stove
the whole time

Do you think she tried Risotto on this fine Sunday morning?
If you know me you know Risotto is now one of her favorites....lol.

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Sista B said...

You are SO funny Daniela! Do you sleep? I'm just wondering how you find time to do what you already do. You need to put the hose on the "honey do list." With your green thumb I'm sure you could revive anything. Love the outfit with the tan top - very cute!