Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tea over Thoughts on the universe................

So I just read that if we are ready God and the universe will give us what we are ready for.

As I am starting to feel better emotionally and physically I sometimes still want to hold back for fear of getting sick again.  It can hold me back at times.  The book I'm reading right now is very good and I think it may be helping me to realize I have more control over me than I think.

So I was thinking last night and this morning- What do I want? and Am I ready for it?
I guess it's no surprise what I want- to live in health and be there for my family. 
I want health.

This morning I did my run and I decided to dress nice (as in no gym clothes) and I thought- I'm gonna ready myself health.

I ran into the drugstore for dog treats and nail repair stuff.....

AND as I'm leaving the girl says:

Thank you and Be Well.....

I feel really good lately and sometimes it's hard to talk about because who walks around saying how happy they are- most of us are onto complaining of the most recent problem.  Some may even think it's rude or annoying.....I did at one time in my life.  But isn't more rude to smear negative emotions?  We should all talk about how happy we are a lot more often- then I won't sound like a wing-nut!

I can honestly say sometimes I'm driving and I just feel so darn HAPPY.
I think it comes from being more real and being content with my life.
It's SO easy to get caught up in the rat race and thinking certain things are important when in fact they are not.  That person who you thinks has a good life have pain in their heart.

One of the reasons I'm so happy is my family is loving!

My family means the most to me and I want us all to be happy and content- I recieved this from Focus on the Family and thought it was well put!

How do you create a Christ-centered home?

Each family may answer that question differently, but here are some general characteristics:
1. Joy—Every family will encounter trials and hardships, but there is no circumstance that can rob us of our joy if we know that the key to our present welfare and future destiny lies in Christ alone.

2. Orderliness—As the apostle Paul says, "God is not the author of confusion but of peace" (I Corinthians 14:33).

3. Grace—A Christian home should be a safe place to mess up. Family members need to be reminded that love, not perfection, is the goal.

4. Service—A Christian home is tempered and flavored with acts of kindness, respect, humility and love.

5. Spiritual Disciplines—A Christ-centered home provides an environment in which every member of the family learns how to live by studying Scripture, praying and spending time in God's presence.

6. God's Purposes—A Christian home is a place where the family's goals are founded upon His values and the vision for the future is consistent with His plan.

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