Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm happy today

I was happy to see the scale this morning.  All that stuff I didn't eat and all those times I pushed to get out there and exercise paid off.
Remember this dress- hoping to wear it to a wedding in July 27th....

I'm zipping that baby up! 

The only bad thing is it will probably be too big before the wedding as it seems like it looked better on me when it was snug.

I had 2 fittings this week - it all started when I thought I lost my insert.
I never thought I would feel so lost without that thing- but boy did I.
When I called to find out how much a new one would be it was $415.00- WOWZA!
My insurance will pay for 1 every 2 years so that was gonna be out of pocket.
So I called my girl Sheila and she got me right in as she was going on vaca and I would be out of luck for a couple of weeks!
Her taking me in just like that was SO nice and I'm so blessed to have her.
A couple of weeks with out Gaga as I call her (my insert)- I was getting a little nervous.
SO I ran home before my appointment and I looked and looked and finally I said I don't want to do this- But- I'm gonna- I said a prayer to St. Anthony (out loud).  Well don't you know I found it 5 minutes later.

Sheila inspected my insert and gave me a talking to about my case and cover and then she measured me.  I told her about my whole St. Anthony thing.
I told her I feel funny praying for something so unimportant when I know there are much bigger things to pray for.
She laughed and said St. Anthony must have thought this girl needs help today.
She helped me with all the insurance stuff, because they cover my bras.  She even got me to try a really cute bra out and it was GREAT!

 I had kept my appointment anyways because my mastectomy bras are getting too big and I'm down a bra size!  This is good because my real breast is bigger than my foob.  Only my left breast has changed so he's catching up with my foob.

My second fitting came when I took a pair of shorts to Maria the woman who does our tailoring.  I love Maria- I really do.  It's so nice to go there- get a hug, try on clothes that are too big, sit down chat about life, laugh, cry, hug again and then plan for my return.  She is so sweet and her husband is such an inspiration to me- he's like 92 right now and the health stuff he went through- WOW.  It was so nice to be in the company of such a good person.  Maria is so full of love and as we chat we realize we are all a lot more alike than different.  Life is so incredible- it's hard- it's good- and we continue to love.  She of course spoke highly of God and she gives thanks to him everyday. 

So 121.2 is great- but nothing compares to those special people in our life that show us love!!!!!


MOMMY DEAREST!!! said...

You keep goin girl
Your doing great, keep your
focus on YOU!!
God bless YOU.
Your doing FANTASTIC!!

Danielle said...

thanks mom- I love you!

amy said...

Way to go D!! The dress is beautiful!!