Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday

St. Theresa

I continue to get blessings from sweet St. Theresa.  There are times I ask her to please go to someone I know needs her help.  She is so sweet.  I continue to see signs of her.  Like when I went out of town for this little guy's Baptism

Left of the front alter was this:

I know it may not seem like anything too amazing to find a statue of St. Theresa in a church, but to think I wasn't sure if I could make it to this baptism and in front of her is a statue of St. Peregrine who I also prayed to a lot.  This also all comes together at a time when I wasn't feeling the best about things.  The usual stress and worry about life.  To see her makes me feel good.  I love her so!

And then there's my garden boxes.  Finally they are all set up!

  I've had nothing come back......... 
BUT wait
I was mistaken
my little baby roses made it!

They are coming along nicely!
taken this morning

Oh how I hope she hangs around my garden lots this summer!!!!  I used to always imagine her sitting with me in waiting rooms NOW I want to imagine her sitting with me by my garden.  I think she does too.

If you listen you will hear!!!  Just be quiet

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