Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cheap Trick Tuesday

I buy jewelry cleaner- but after a couple times of Rob cleaning his gold chain it's trashed thanks to his sweat and tears during work.  So I'm usually out of it or it's brown so I've been caught in a pinch to try and clean my stuff with household products and I've used toothpaste as well as Windex, but when looking in to alternatives I found a great article on what to use and NOT to use. 

Jewelry Cleaner

Charles Walker of Edward Petri Jewelry shared his secret for cleaning fine jewelry at home. All you need is a glass jar, soft toothbrush, Dawn dish soap and household ammonia. Mix 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of ammonia and 2 drops of Dawn dish soap together in the glass jar. Seal the jar and shake to mix. It is advised that you clean your jewelry on a table or counter so that you do not lose your jewelry down the sink. Place your fine jewelry in the jar of jewelry cleaner for a few minutes. Remove and use a soft toothbrush to gently clean your jewelry, taking extra care to clean the setting the behind the gemstone.

Do not soak your jewelry for more than 5 minutes in ammonia based cleaners. Do not use this homemade jewelry cleaner on opals, emeralds, turquoise, onyx or pearls. Read further for the care of those items. Do not allow any fine jewelry to come in contact with bleach.

Read the whole article HERE @Yahoo Voices article by Rebecca Caroll

Another thing I wish I had, but usually don't-
Dry Shampoo

Well my girl friend loves her Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo but I'm bad about ordering on line so for my dry shampoo I use what mom taught me:

Baby Powder

You have to make sure you apply before your clothes and maybe over a towel- but it's super easy- just sprinkle it on and brush.  You can google homemade dry shampoos for other recipes and tips- like for dark hard hair use cocoa. 

Another cheap thing I'm liking- Grey Boat Neck Shirt for $7.99

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