Friday, June 15, 2012

Where have I seen this number before?

So I'm up again but, I had a pretty busy workout schedule this week:
Monday- Elliptical at gym- 3miles & Piloxing
Tuesday- Spinning & Pilates
Wednesday- zip
Thursday- Spinning & Zumba
I wish I did more weights- but Tuesday was a busy work day and Wednesday was travel. 
I'm going to have to be more strict this week.

I can't get too down with this number because I've actually been feeling really good and my body is starting to go back to the shape it had in the past.  My fat is slowly leaving while some muscle is returning.  Spinning is a real challenge and I hate it when I'm there so I'm gonna keep on with it.

It was great to be in the city for my doctor appointment with my surgeon and to get my mamo!  Even though it brings me anxiety it isn't nearly as bad as it has been.  My mom was with me this time and she even came in the room with me and it was a good thing because it was a momentous occasion!  My surgeon declared me in good health and graduated me to the Healthy Survivor Program- I will get my mamo once a year and will be seen by a nurse specializing in Healthy Survivors!!!!  BUT if anything should come up I will be right back with Doc Morrow- Love her!  As soon as Dr. Morrow came in she said, "You look well" and to my surprise I said, "I feel well".  I would usually be too afraid to say something like that in fear of having something bad happen.  Something about being in the room with Dr. Morrow makes you feel stronger and safe to say something like that.  So I'm down to 2 docs at Sloan.

 Here is mom and I at dinner.....notice mom's lululemon- love it!  We did go in lululemons in the city and mom bought me an awesome workout outfit!!!!  I'll have to post it- it's so comfy and cute!

It was wonderful to be over in the old stomping ground of the apartment....and having dinner at Espresso Cafe.  Here I am with owner Francesca- a sister survivor.  I will never forget the night she came over to our table and said - "I know that look".  She took really good care of me every time I went there.  She is an awesome lady and fellow survivor!!!!!!
 and while we were dining and on a bus home Rob was hard at work~
He's been working day and night~ and still managed to leave me a note when I got home~X

Dress time
Dresses brought to you by Becky who gave me a gift card to my fav- TJMaxx

I seen this interesting dress and had to have it!  It fit so nice and besides having to cut off some attached necklaces it's PERFECT!
The ruffle bottom sold me.

so least I think so

This dress I'm gonna wear for girl's night!
I love this shirt dress- so simple-and great with all sorts of footwear.
Becky I hope you like what you bought me for my Bday!


Sista B said...

As you have told me, you look as good as you feel and YOU look great. And congrats on your news!!! Love the dresses. Good finds.

Danielle said...

Thank YOU for the dresses I do love them!!