Friday, August 10, 2012


Well on this Friday weigh-in I'm trying on a skirt I wore for my bridal shower!
I loved this skirt and still do~ it's a keeper forever.

Now I know I'm heavier than I was there, but I'm a bit leaner in my stomach area so that explains why this skirt fits!  It's from Express size 0.  I tend to think my stomach issues are WAY better due to no more soda in my life.  Also I let my stomach digest longer between bedtime and the next day OH and WATER too.

So it fits, but the scale is moving SO slow.
Trying things on you- realize that working out as opposed to just not eating is a different type of lean that doesn't involve scale numbers as much as other things like strength.

That brings me to my legs.  One of the scarier parts of having cancer treatment is what it did to my legs.  I had all sorts of issues, but the worse to me was the strength.  My legs are one of the last things to gain weight, but because of all the weight I gained they got fat.  I could actually see rippling and such.  BUT that isn't as bad as the feeling of having no strength.  Not being able to bend to the floor to pick something up and get up with out assistance is scary to me.   I can remember being at the mall and having bent down and realizing I couldn't get up.  I hated that.  So the scale drives me a bit nutz - BUT I'm thanking God for my legs and their ability to gain muscle and take me to the floor and back!!!  I'm so happy to have healthy legs!

I'm pretty happy with this weight loss and I think Fitness Pal has been helping a lot.  I can track food and exercise and it's a motivator!  I only have two friends on there, but I love reading other people's diaries.  It's neat.  If you are wondering what I'm eating- CUZ I eat a lot -you can view my diary.  I get some good food ideas reading other people's stuff.

No I have to post about my foob....Sometimes I wanna wear a shirt and not wear a bra~ and I found a cute top good for any of us girls out there dealing with some uneven stuff.  :)

I'm finding a cute little shirt with a patten and a ruffle on top is ideal for disquising foob business.


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Amy D said...

how exciting to wear a skirt from your bridal shower. You are doing great. Maybe i will open my diary up too. That will help with accountability of food selections:). I never realized how much strenght you had lost in your legs. I can't imagine not getting back up and what you were feeling. Kudos to getting that back! Funny how we take for granted all the good things we can do in life until the day we can't do them! Keep up the good work!