Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I recently found some old emails leading up to my biopsy.  I have some amazing friends who really are perfect.  When I couldn't talk about it- they understood, when they didn't know what to say they said just that and let me know they would be there to do whatever.  They prayed for me and treated me with love.  I'm so lucky through out my life I have met some amazing people.  I love people so very much and when they love me back I'm in heaven.

I hope they always know I love them.  I would love to sit down and write my most favorite thing I love about each and everyone of them!  The only reason I haven't was for fear of forgetting someone!

I honestly don't know how I made it through those first couple of weeks- I honestly think it was because of all the great people in my life.  Could I ever repay them?  I hope so.  I often feel their love at random times and I hope they know that still today I remember what everyone did for me and it still makes me cry to think of it.  I had one friend call me the night before my mastectomy and towards the end of the conversation she quickly told me she loves me. I've never heard her say that word only concerning her children- it wasn't easy for her and I haven't heard it since- but hearing it that once was enough for a lifetime.  My cancer sucked- BUT I got to experience so much love!

I am grateful for everyone in my life.  Love is sometimes just all I need~ it's enough~

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