Friday, August 31, 2012

Well it's Thursday night and I'm not feeling the Friday weigh-in.....hmm.  I wonder if I'll do it.  Vacation was VERY fun and I did anything I wanted.  I'm lucky that I did want to run a couple of times- actually ran 3 times.  So we'll see.

I had so much fun on vacation and I was fairly happy with myself.  I tried different suits on before I left and I wasn't really sure what I would end up wearing.  I had purchased a new tankini top because my suit from Land's End was a bit too big. 

It's hard at times - I'm a bit self conscious about my foob looking so different.

I love my bright blue Kenneth Cole suit I got at BonTon!!  To me my boobs look so uneven.  Still I love the suit and I knew I would be wearing it.  I however find an older bikini top I had and it was neat because it had adjusters on the straps much like a bra.  SO I could tighten up the side of my real boob (where I need some lift).   

I would have to say if you have one real and one fake this bikini top is ideal, because one side will need more lift then the other.  :)

But if I'm really foob conscious- I could just do a sweater with bikini bottom

This would solve all the foob drama

The only problem with this is that you can't tan your belly???

So what did I end up doing on vaca?
I did wear by blue suit, but a shop I love at the shore was going out of business and I ended up finding another bikini top with adjustable traps!!!!  So I had to get it and a bottom too!
This was especially good because the top I did have broke- trying to hold up lefty!

So on the days when I felt not so chubby I wore this
 So I woke up late and didn't get into the gym to weigh-in- BUT I felt so guilty I weighed myself at home.
OK- WHAT'S the damage?
I'm up 2 pounds!  What did I do wrong????  Too many indulgences!  I should have packed more of my own snacks- especially sweets- so while the boys were eating from CANDY KITCHEN I could have been having some raisens or something.  Oh well- I don't care I had SO much fun!

Prepping is seeming to always be key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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