Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Veggie Wedgie Wednesday

Oooo....I wanna shop for food dressed like this!!
EmersonMade Flower!!

So it's slowly creeping in.....mornings are dark and a bit cooler, our daylight disappears quicker...Fall is on it's way.  All my life I have loved Fall.  Not so much anymore- it brings back memories I much rather not deal with.  This morning getting up to take Lucas to school I had that sick feeling of remembering what I felt like some mornings after my cancer diagnosis.  I've been dreading Summer leaving- it went way too fast!

So as I always- I look to the bright side- something to pick me up and motivate me to look forward to our next season!  FOOD and FASHION my 2 favs!  I will certainly miss all the Summer fruits and veggies!
So tonight (Tuesday) while in the grocery store I had a conversation with the produce guy- I'll call him Joey B.  We talked about whats coming next down the pike for us here in NY.  I want to try and eat more of what is in season here where we are.  For the month of September according to
we will have:
Well Joey B- let me know that some of the apples will not be good this year do to our weather situation- we had a little temperature situation I guess.

He also told me there are already getting squash in so that always a nice fall veggie to start planning for.

I wanted to start gathering some simple in season veggie recipes that the boys will eat this Fall.
While on the Epicurious I stumbled on this awesome sounding dinner menu:
Farmer's Market Pasta Dinner
Tomorrow I'm gonna go shopping to our local Farmer markets, huts and stands and see how many homegrown veggie I can get!!!  EXCITING!

I'll keep ya posted.........

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