Friday, September 14, 2012

Ok- I'm probably back on track with losing, but the last week has been rough.  I went from wanting to eat everything to not feeling well at all.  I hate to admit, but I had high hopes of taking more vitamins- got everything organized and ended up not doing it and so I also skipped my tamoxifen.  I think when I miss it my body actually goes a little wacky.....I like me periods better when I am on my tamoxifen.  I just hope to high heaven that it's doing it's job because I have been having periods.

Ok enough of that crap....and I hate seeing my toes....I need to use the scale at the gym again!

I've been gearing up for fall and so I've been organizing my clothes and checking to see if I need anything and well I got a couple of things and I'm almost done......just need a pair of black leggings and a pair of plain jeans.  I may grab a cute black bootie, but that would only be from Payless and it'll have to be cheap.

When I say done I mean I will then be fasting from any spending and I may also get myself on a nice food fast.  I'm debating on 21Day Cleanse from Kris Carr's book or my own concoction.  We'll see.

I was in Walgreen's and noticed they had some Buy One get One for 50% off
I love ROC products- I love using the wrinkle serum

 so I decided to try a couple others so far I've only used the primer and like it

They also have the same deal on Maybelline Foundation, Powder and Face items
I really like this Maybelline highlighting concealor in Radiant
 And I also like their powder Dream Matte in Sand
 Then over at Puma the sale is 40% off with coupon code:  PUMAAFF912- I believe even the sale items get a discount.

I'm addicted to my Speeders

And SHAPE'S free workout mix for September is SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome weekend x

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