Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cheap Trick Tuesday

Well I'm still in love with Kmart!!! 

I was so excited to be sitting on the beach when a guy walked up with a stack of magazines asking mom and I if we wanted any before they toss them- WELL yes we did!!   One was Oprah
and I loved seeing an article mentioning a tweed suit from Kmart!!

The mix and match is pretty nice!

Tweed is gonna be hot...............received this in my inbox

This was also a great cheap trick idea in the mag- Take your necklaces and brooches out and mix it up for a whole new necklace...

I recently did this myself- I had a Forever21 heart necklace and I added a beaded necklace I purchased off a couple of adorable nuns at our church bazaar!  The colors looked pretty yummy together.   

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