Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well I decided to take an inventory of everything purchased so far to see what it's looking like.........I guess there's a theme? Not sure?

This is my necklace- the jewel part is the back from the front you will only see the pearls- well until I turn around.
Necklace found on Etsy: Debbsdesigns's Shop Ok Boutonnières-
This one is for my Ring Bearer Two of these will be needed for the other 2 darling boys
Found these on Etsy: EasterYu's Shop

This is our cake - minus the Initial

Cake will be made by Kristi's Kakes This will be our cake topper- Lilly and Purcell

Found and stalked Ann Wood on Etsy Yummy- Cherry Vanilla

Found: Bath and Body Works
Fresh water pearls

Found and sent out Rob and Mom to all nearest TJ Maxx!

Our Save the Date Card by Bella by karah

I love the brown and the green but I'm not sure about the Ivory and Green together?

I still have so much to do and so little time.

The dieting is going so bad-NOW I'm onto NO CARBS- This really stinks- but it should help.

I'm still working out my ideas for DIY projects and I have plenty of helpful/creative people around!
I would like to do tissue paper pew bows
I would like a DIY card box for the reception
I would like to do my own escort, and menu cards
I would aslo like to do the flower intials for the entrance into the reception
With so many projects I think I have to assign 1 nite a week for just wedding projects.

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