Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today was a busy wedding day!!!!!!!!!!

Rehearsal and Ceremony business-
Tonight we are checking out a restaurant for our rehearsal which is on Halloween! Halloween is my favorite. I dress up every year but not this one. I'm excited for the rehearsal dinner which Rob's parents are doing for us. I was hoping to have it in a room so that if I am able I would do a little slide show. We'll have to see what we end up with.
I'm very unsure about a Martini Luge:

They do look like a ton of fun- but I'm unsure how this actually works- Who pours the liquor? Is there a whole Luge worker involved? I'm so set on getting this - I may even go lighter on my favors.

Dress fitting today!
Well the dress is now too big and should have been ordered smaller b/c of the neckline I may loose some of the charm of my dress :(

I should have been more forceful on having my input when ordering the dress but I was so upset that I was overweight that I let them tell me to go a size bigger.

My wonderful seamstress is also looking into taking my mom's wedding dress apart and creating me a reception dress. I'm wondering if maybe I'm too busty for the the dress I picked- being that it is an empire style. WHY do we always like things that we can't wear or have?????? She is going to let me know what she can do.

Moving - I'm also in the process of moving! We have been living at Rob's this week. Interesting. Living out of tubs and boxes SUCKS. BUT we love each other so that makes it all better. It's hard leaving my house, but I find that if I concentrate on making Rob's house OUR house I feel better. Today at the seamstress she was selling house plants and I couldn't resist an Italian plant that had beautiful pink flowers! I'm super excited to take it home to our new house.

I'm moving from a four bedroom with a finished basement to a 3 bedroom ranch so organizing and apartment living advice is so important.

I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen so I'm hoping to get some re-decorating done in there- Check this pic out:

I'm loving all the white they are showing now!

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