Sunday, June 30, 2013

Really fitting in getting fit

We are all busy and trying to find time to exercise can be very difficult.  We have our jobs, family, chores, and then by the time we take care of all of that we are tired!

Rob and I are working on getting our house built, so we more things to take up our time.  Rob's schedule is always crazy so trying to get together for something is also just plain hard.  He's so busy with work and I'm busy with the usual stuff.  When we decided to be our own general contractor we knew it was going to be time consuming and we would have to be somewhat organized- OK a lot organized!

That's when I decided to do what I do when preparing for a project- I started nesting.  I began with Rob's office.  Well it's really "our" office.  I'm still working on it as there is always papers, papers and more papers.

So in order to take it up a notch with my workouts and still manage to see Rob, I decided to make sure I could do some of my workouts at home and for that to happen I needed room and convenience.  So here's what I came up with-

I cleared the middle of the office so there was some room to workout

I cleaned up my desk area making it workout friendly

Then I made sure stuff was always READY and AVAILABLE!
 My mat

My DVDs and weights
I can easily play my DVDs on my laptop

I have my cute mason cup
My  I have my ToneItUp binders
I tried really hard to merge our stuff and I hope Rob is as happy with it as I am. 

It's nice I can fit in my fitness and be around my family not at the gym or in the basement.
So now I can roll out my mat get my DVD going or just do weights.
Oh and time with Maggie as well


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