Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well- I have a lot to be thankful for, but yesterday had me thinking of my grandmother Mimi as it was her birthday.  If Mimi was still with us she would have been 99 yesterday.

Oh I loved Mimi so much! 
I'm go thankful of all the time I had with her. 
I'm thankful she met Lucas. 
I'm thankful I was there when she died. 
I'm thankful she is now in heaven with my grandfather.

Just because people pass it doesn't mean they aren't with us.  After Mimi died it was strange, but butterflies would always be around my mom.  We take this as a reminder that Mimi is with us.

I'll never forget that last day; I combed Mimi hair before her doctor appointment.  My prize possession of Mimi:  The comb I used that day, one of Mimi's compacts, and pair of her earrings, and the end of a pack of lifesavers she never finished.  One of my great memories of Mimi is going to church which we were always early.  I can still remember the sounds of the church lights going on one by one and then Mimi would offer me a lifesaver.

Mimi was the best grandmother ever!  Christmas she would have a huge garbage bag size sak of gifts for us that she bought probably all year.  She loved to try new things from the grocery store;  any new snack out she tried.  I remember going to see ET with Mimi.  I loved when she called me Doll Face and sent me cards and notes.  We would stay up at night and talk.  I miss her singing "You Are My Sunshine".  I miss her every New Years Eve- because I'd always called and she was always up.  I'm so happy I had Lucas Friday December 13th as she was born Friday October 13th.

Thank you Mimi for teaching me what it means to be a good Mimi.  I hope I can be as great a grandmother as you.

Doll Face

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carol pauline said...

MiMi loved you and Joey so much. I
knew she did, but after she died so
many people told me about how she talked about you 2. She was so happy when you would visit for a week in the summer. She enjoyed always having something for her grandchildren. She was always young at heart. Miss her always.
God bless her for always loving her husband and stayed true to him for so many years. She was alone for 30yrs and always spoke about him, and her mom. Butterflies are always around me.