Monday, October 4, 2010

A lot going on....

Everyday lately reminds me of what went on last year.  I thought about writing about all the important days, but then after hearing of Betty passing.....I felt it wasn't right.  I do need to move on - Betty made it clear that it was time to move on to more interesting things in my life.  I will continue to write about some important days- but only in a positive way.  I tend to get angry about some things that went on.

What I really need to work on is getting in shape....and not a round one!  

What's been going on?  I have 2 trainers I'm attempting to work with-

Heather to help me with weights/cardio and weight loss

I've joined a gym (that Heather operates out of) that is open from 5am Monday till 8pm Friday- Yahooo....if only I had the energy to take advantage of these awesome hours.  I've been going to bed early!  I used to be able to stay up late and get up early!

So far I have some of my upper body exercises and have decided that I will do 420cal burning cardio/day- 5xWeek!  Oooo that's a lot.
I will be consuming 1000 calories a day - unless I don't feel well doing that- then I will increase them.
I'm at 40% body fat- this is real bad!  Muscle pretty much no where.
I have a goal weight of 110 or a dress size of 2-4
My weight is 140 right now- YIKES
My 1st weigh-in is next Wednesday Oct 6th....I'm a little nervous- my trainer is a little on the tough side!
My appointments with Heather are 2x week for 30min- then I have to get there the rest of the time and do my routines.

Kathy to train me on the Pilates apparatus so I will be ready to attend a class on a weekly basis
Kathy gives me homework to do every day!  This is hard at times
I meet with Kathy 1xWeek for 1 hour

These 2 things should benefit each other- the weight lifting bulks up muscles and the Pilates stretches them out.

This will take a lot of work on top of everything else- but I have to take care of my health so I have the energy to all the things I wasn't doing before all this stuff.  I really hope I can do it.

  …BELIEVE that you CAN

know that YOU WILL…

…and PURSUE with EVERYTHING you are!

Health news-
I have my period-yuk! After all that crap you would think I could be done with it.  I guess when you go through menopause you can still get a period, but this in now the 2nd one.  I really shouldn't be getting them because my Tamoxifen is suppose to be preventing estrogen (which made my tumor grow). So I hope this isn't a sign that the Tamoxifen isn't working.  Not that if it wasn't working I would get cancer again, but it does cross my mind.  The Tamoxifen is an extra preventative measure- I must remember that.   I will definately be calling my doctor about it tomorrow- because maybe there is something else I can do to get rid of this estrogen  and my periods


amy said...

I love your thoughts, believe that you can, know that you will and pursue with your everything! That was encouragement for me. YOU can do it! It will be hard, it will seem like a long process but don't give up! I know you can do it. I have seen/heard your commitment before and that my friend proves that you have it in you.

Danielle said...

I love you Amy- Thanks so much~