Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Veggie Wedgie Wednesday

Well when I am really being organized I figure what we are going to eat for the next 2 weeks and I come up with a menu plan!  I usually do it on a sheet of paper and check to see what ingredients I already have and then make my list from there.  There are some ingredients that have to be purchased each week or even a couple times a week.  So I always need a little list of things that have to be gotten on the fly.  Well I came across the menu planner above and thought it was so cute.  And I LOVED the STILL NEED column.  You can click on it to see where you can purchase the pdf file for it.  It's 10 bucks - a little pricey in this economy??  Well eating right is a lot easier when you plan it out.  I only wish I was more ambitious about cooking lately.

I'm at a loss for a veggie recipe :(  Last night we had tomatoes and I was informed by Rob that Lucas has about 5 lunch bags in his room with rotting carrots!  My whole veggie thing isn't working as I would have hoped.  I am getting mine in, but not the troops. 

Poor Rob- he definitely isn't eating enough veggies.  I made him a chicken salad last night and threw in carrots even though I don't think he'll like carrots in it.............then when I came in from putting on the Halloween lights I seen the microwave running with the chicken salad in it.
ME: What are you doing?
ROB:  Heating the left over pasta
ME:  No that's chicken salad I made
Oh brother............Must keep trying..........Must keep trying.  Lose the carrot obsession Danielle!lol


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