Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things I'm Digging NOW......MaggieLux

MaggieLux here- Mom and I went on-line and I seen A LOT of cute things!

Aren't these collars the bomb.....I love the pink and green!

I thought about getting something more fun with a pattern like this one below - but I don't know it might not look as good on me being the model probably weighs 6lbs!

Mom said this one might be nice and then add some bling

Well she said when I learn to spell my own name we'll discuss it  -
BUT isn't this bling awesome

Mom liked these collars....boring
OK we both LOVED this ONE but she said Dad would kill her
BARK BARK on him!

Sweet dreams on this every night

Yummy TOYS 

MOM also let me cyber stalk Rocky Kardashian <3 <3
He is SOOOO cute!

OH.and ....I'm loving  

Mom's shoe re-do

Kids Payless Pink Flats

How sweet - these black flowers are so fun!

Geeeeshhhh....... I was only trying to help

Till next time....MaggieLux....xx


Amy D said...


You are such a cutie! I too love the yellow collar with the flower. You should give daddy your puppy dog eyes and persuade him as it is not too girly.

BTW, after hanging with your mom in Chicago and talking about you and other dogs I really want a dog now! I will let you know if we find one! The search is on. Tell your mom thanks for giving me the tip of using I have been looking through a lot of them on there.

Danielle said...

Puppy fun would that be?