Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thank you Thursday

Well my health care team- I love them all!!!!  I went from barely having one doctor to having a few.  As much as attention is great it is super scary to me that I have this many doctors to deal with.  Eventually they will go away- I HOPE.  Even so I feel such strong feelings of gratefulness to each one of them.  They each had their own special way of making me feel like I was O.K.- because the last place I ever wanted to be was in a doctor's office or at a hospital!

Today I will have my annual Obgyn appointment and I must say I'm scared and I will be waiting and waiting for my results.  I will also have a list of questions for the Doc.  I guess eventually appointments won't bring me so much stress. 

Dr. Michael Farrell (Lourdes)- OBGYN
I've already blogged about how nice this doctor is- a truly wonderful doctor!
His kindness is REAL.

Dr. Steven Spivak (Lourdes)- Internal Medicine
Well this doctor was not taking new patients and when I was looking for a doc a dear friend of mine spoke to him for me and asked if he could please take me as a patient and he did- I am so blessed to have him for a doctor!  He is wonderful and he is an Internist- love that! 

Dr. Raymond Buglione (Vestal Dental)- Dentist
Always loved Dr. Ray- when I first met him I told him I didn't like pain and I have never felt pain in his chair- even when the shot goes in, it's like nothing!
So sweet the office was when I was starting chemo to give me some Biotin toothpaste and wash.

Dr. Monica Morrow (Sloan Kettering)- Breast Surgeon
The reason I ended up staying at Sloan was because of Dr. Morrow- she made me love being there.
Love her, Love her- She is strong and right to the point- she can cut me open anytime!!
She hates cancer! 

Here's a book she helped write:

Dr. Babak J Mehrara (Sloan Kettering)- Breast Reconstruction Surgeon
Well he's right to the point and doesn't need much personality being he is very good looking. As time went on I seen his funnier side and I really like him and his work. 

Dr. Andrew Seidman (Sloan Kettering)- Breast Cancer Oncologist
When he told me to get dressed and he would tell us how we are going to live "Happily Ever After"............. I believed in him!
Always made us feel at ease and took his time with us.
Hand wrote out my prognosis  

Dr. Simon Powell (Sloan Kettering)- Radiation Oncologist
Great personality- Great doctor!  He is VERY thorough and has an eye for detail like commenting on my accessories!  I will miss him and his British accent.  Oh and he wears great ties!  

Dr. Gary E Deng (Sloan Kettering)- Internal Medicine
Specializing in complementary and alternative medicine with respect to cancer.
Haven't even met him yet, but his assistant was wonderful and very helpful- I'm hoping he will help me navigate through all the stuff I've been reading and let me know what's good and what's not.  

Kathy McGregor (MindFull Pilates)- Certified Pilates Instructor
Tough and Sweet
Super Smart
She is authentic and she lives what she teaches!

Heather Bracco (American Family Fitness)- Professional Trainer
She not only looks tough - She is!
Heather is also very very sweet and has experience with training other survivors.
She always willing to help with whatever I'm having problems with.
No Picture of Heather, but 
Here's a treat my trainer when she was competing

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