Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cheap Trick Tuesday

Well Betty said I should save my money so I really am going to be more frugal!  The first time I met Betty I had gone over her house so she could show me what she had done during her treatment some 14yrs ago and continued right until she went to be with Earl.   I arrived at her house and she was so cute dressed in her black.  We talked about cancer and then she told me how she just started doing things around her house...as in do-overs.  She did all of this with little money which made it even more fun for her.  Betty liked whites and creams so if she liked something and it didn't match she would just paint it.  She had her own little paint set-up!

After we sat for a while she was kind enough to show me her latest project; her bedroom.  Betty has a wonderful family and her son helped her with the project.  Betty had moved her bedroom down stairs to make it easier for herself.

Here is Betty's closet...the space was very limited so she had her son put in the posts in facing out.  As you can see...a lot of black!
Wish I had better pics- but I hadn't planned on taking pics so I had only my phone.

Next is her adorable bathroom right off her bedroom; she designed it herself.....is it cute or what?  Betty was 84 and she knew what was "IN".

And here is her linen closet....she detailed all those towels by hand and she also did the boxes too.

She even had a little spot in the closet for some of her breast cancer stuff...she didn't keep them out in sight....I believe because she didn't need the reminder. Sometimes its nice to look back, but it doesn't have to be in your face all the time. I loved her little pink band sitting there.    

And now my favorite- her bed- Heavenly!   Betty made that bedspread herself.  What a lady!  Betty designed this all herself as well.

See the accent above the bed was originally something else that she painted white.  She was real smart like that.  The bedspread was also material from something else.  I can't remember what she had told me- I'm gonna blame that on chemo brain.

Betty encouraged me to do stuff around my house to maybe take my mind off things and I think she was right.  I am going to try and re-do my bedroom finally. 

So the cheap trick is "Paint It"

Seen this over at Design Sponge- perfect example of what a little paint can do to change things up!

I've been struggling with bad thoughts for a few days now.....I was thinking I had cancer in my brain.....I have pain in my head sometimes and it freaks me out.  It isn't major, but when you start researching this stuff you start to really freak out!  I was sort of convinced that my head had cancer and that it has spread to my eyes- so frustrating.  Called Rob sobbing that I thought something was wrong with my brain.   BUT anyways- on my night stand I keep the angel Betty had given me and it is special to me.  I know she told me I could call her when I'm down......well so the night before last somehow that angel ended up hitting me in the head and Rob said, "There's Betty giving you a nudge".
Fear will be a part of my life, but I am working on getting it under control.  I have started to meditate more and listen to music that makes me feel good.  Prayer has also once again been so good for me.

St. Theresa- sent me a rose today!  Had an emergency trip to the Vet's office and she spoke to me about rose scented rosary beads- how often does that come up at the Vet's office?      

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