Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tamoxifen, Exercise, Hair, Eating, and Pink Eye!

Well I don't know but I'm starting to think I need to be more careful about taking care of myself as far germs.  I now have pink eye in both eyes!  YUK

So I did talk with a nurse about my period and it's normal to get my period back especially because I'm SO young!!!!  Yeah I'm young!  Boo it only makes me think I probably could have gotten pregnant if it wasn't for cancer.  Oh well.  I am really sort of glad to get my period after thinking about it.  My body is going ahead with normal stuff and I'm glad to maybe not be going through menopause.  I've been reading up on hormones and it's very interesting!  If you don't have cancer I suggest you do some reading yourself about estrogen- because there are a couple different kinds of estrogen.  There's good and bad- and I learned pomegranate juice has almost the same effect as my Tamoxifen.  Remember my cancer like a lot of women is driven my estrogen.

Well I lost 2lbs - Yeah.  It was really hard only having 1000 calories!  I don't know if I actually only ate that many, but I tried really hard.  I'm having a hard time getting in 420cal burning cardio activities as, but I'm trying more and more.  I did my leg routine at the gym all by myself- so proud of myself.  I ended up going to the gym at 9:30 after making sure Lucas was in bed.  I didn't want to go when there was a lot of people there because I have a fear of the machines.  Well I was there with about 4 other women and a dozen men- and guess what nobody bothers you- because I think they were all there for the same reason to get it done and not be bothered.  I went on the treadmill and while watching Jersey Shore burned only 120 cal.  I didn't watch the whole show.  So I think I'll be ok with the gym I'm at and I love my trainer there.

Pilates- SOOOOOO hard for me.  Last session- I had a hard time with some stuff and at some point I wanted to cry.  It was so frustrating to be asked to put your foot here and not be able to do it with out using my hands!  My legs are so weak- arms too.  I was getting really upset and my instructor was so kind to ask if I was ok.  She then switched it up for me- because I'm so short I need negative gear.  The good news is I'm ready to go into a class- mentally I'm not ready but, if she thinks I can do it I'm gonna try.

My hair is so curly and I really get sick of it sometimes.  I did finally get a cut because growing in a buzz cut I did myself wasn't that easy to work with- besides the hair that is coming out still has chemicals from treatment- SO I finally have what they call "Chemo Curls"!  I'm very happy I don't have any grey.  A lot of people ask me if I dyed my hair- it's super DARK.  I always had DARK hair- just always colored.         
I went to a real great girl for my haircut- she was great with my curls.

last chemo 4/19/2010


ok here is my hair before my haircut

Here is my hair after the cut
9/25/2010 - BABY'S 1ST Haircut 

See it had more of a shape and looked like an actual style 


So eating is hard for me because I often tell myself- If anyone deserves a Reese Cup - I DO!  Bad huh?  Boo hoo for me - I know!

So one of my last conversations Betty talked with me about my weight and eating and she said what she did was buy her favorite bar- Milky Way in the miniature size and at night she would treat herself to 1!  So I'm thinking maybe a miniature Reese every now and then at night will be good.
But I also read this lo-cal snack
forget what they called it (it's from the BiggestLoser)

Let's call it

Chubby Girl Ice Cream Sandwich!

Low Fat Chocolate Gram cracker
Low Fat/No Fat  Coolwhip    
So you take a Gracker :)
Break it in half
Spread one half with Coolwhip
by putting the other (1/2) Gracker on top
Put it in the freezer
Eat at night for a sweet treat 


Amy D said...

Way to go D!! Oh and those whip cream snacks are scrumptious. I made them when I was doing the weight watcher plan. Matter fact, I often buy fat free whip cream keep it frozen and then get a bowl full of it frozen and stir a tablespoon of peanut butter in it. Good stuff, less guilt. Keep up the good work!!!

Danielle said...

YUMMY!!!!!! I'm gonna try that too.