Friday, October 22, 2010

Hotel Chelsea

Our favorite place is up for sale again........may put it on my Christmas list this year.

Hotel Chelsea up For Sale

Hotel Chelsea

I happened to find these old pictures from the very 1st time we stayed at the Chelsea

View from our baclony

Our Room
Then bug room...we always asked for this room.

Am I exciting or what?

 What the heck was I reading?

The most fun was one night after being out just hanging out in the lobby checking out all the residents and guests hanging out. 

Here's where Rob proposed  

I love that horse picture!

The last time we were there was on my 40th Birthday when our whole family went with us!
Becky was so kind to take some great pictures for us

During my whole treatment and stuff we never once went over to Chelsea.
We talked about it but felt like we didn't really want to make Chelsea a part of the whole illness thing.
It was hard going to the city for medical stuff and almost ruined my love of the city.
I'm now ready to start heading over to Chelsea
And I now have NYC in my heart for sure for all she has done for me

If you watched the above news video clip of the Chelsea and this guy was interviewed...he is a resident there and Becky caught a picture of him.

I hope the Chelsea Hotel is around for a long long time.

Had my Doctor appointment and they took a good look at my uterus because Tamoxifen can cause Uterine cancer in a few...well they found something the size of a raisin and they said it looks like a polyp.  No chance to slight chance it's something else.  So I will have a D&C and hysteroscopy- to get that out and get a closer look at my uterus.  I'm definately a bit nervous, but honestly what is there that I can do?  It will be what it will be and I'll be O.K......crazy but O.K.  Oh an my family will lose it if I have anything else wrong with me.  

Dr. F. would just leave the polyp and watch it, but then we would have to discuss every time we met and it would just be too much stress for me.   

My internal ultrasound showed my ovaries working full steam!  Especially my left one.  The tech informed me that I could possibly drop 2 eggs and have a set of twins.  Gee and being Rob's dad is a twin- you never know.   Bittersweet news.  Maybe I'll be super healthy at 45 when I can go off my Tamoxifen and then have a baby?  lol       

And it's confirmed - no menopause for me yet!!!!!  So because of my Tamoxifen, I will have menopause symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness PLUS my Period (because I'm healthy and young-yeah right)!
Really my ovaries working (in a good manner) is a healthy thing for me.  But if for some reason it is decided that I still have too much estrogen........they may have to go. 

Tonight we have company....trick or treating tonight!  I'm so excited to see the little ones!
It's a family affair

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